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For students who are looking for special education master courses, EdUHK offers an array of academic programmes, enabling future educators to support the academic and emotional needs of all learners.

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Master in Special Education Courses Offered at EdUHK

Earn a degree of master in Special Education under the Special Education courses at The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). The courses offered by EdUHK are designed to nurture highly proficient Special Education professionals.

The Department of Special Education and Counselling

EdUHK takes pride in its specialized department for master of Special Education courses, providing aspiring Special Education students the opportunity to become the best teaching professionals in their chosen careers. The Department of Special Education and Counselling was established to cater for the needs and demands of the growing community of students with special needs.

At EdUHK, the academics are all equipped with the skills to specialize in working on projects that involve the following disciplines of study:

· Special Education

· Educational Speech-language Pathology and learning disabilities

· School guidance and counselling, and

· Neuroscience of the brain and education

The standards at which the university operates are of first rate quality. The university prides itself in its impactful contributions to the development of Special Education and its consistent and progressive capacity to produce top notch Special Education courses graduates. True to their commitment to furthering the understanding of people with special needs, the university is active in its involvement in campaigns concerning people with special needs.

Raising Public Awareness for Special Education

EdUHK believes that to truly further the efforts in Special Education, not only the students of master in Special Education courses should be educated but, the communities as well. This is in line with the university’s efforts to shed light on the less commonly addressed topics regarding people with special needs.

To widen and deepen people’s understanding, the university maintains partnerships with other Hong Kong educational institutions and NGOs in organizing information campaigns and events. The target for these campaigns includes the parents of children with special needs, and those who are earnest to learn more about the topic.

These informative campaigns are conducted to increase the public’s awareness on people with special needs that will result in a more widespread understanding of their nature. It is envisaged that EdUHK will be the catalyst for change when it comes to openly discussing issues that concerns every facets of people with special needs. This effort is aimed at enabling the people in communities to make the world a more livable place for all of humankind, especially for those with special needs.

Special Education Research by EdUHK

To ensure that the education provided by the university is progressive, it conducts research studies to evaluate the current educational systems. They strive to polish the system in a bid to make it of high impact and efficacy. The research studies are headed by highly credible professionals. Their research is down to earth and evidence-based. Parents, teachers and the needy children benefit from their advocacy.

As the world keeps changing, the ways to respond to people with special needs differ. The department stands at the forefront to respond to all the burning issues in its programme delivery. True to its commitment to providing the leading Special Education courses for Special Education students, the university will incessantly work toward their goals.

The university will work tirelessly to create a friendly environment where people with special needs are able to acquire knowledge effectively and efficiently. The commitment towards this goal is embodied in the university’s active involvement in elevating public’s awareness towards people with special needs.