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For students who are devoted to teaching English or Maths at schools, find out more information about its programme offerings and admisson requirements from the EdUHK website.

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Learn How to Teach English and Maths at EdUHK

Become proficient in teaching English and in teaching Maths by taking up your education degree studies at The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). The noble profession of teaching is in demand now more than ever.

High Demand for Maths and English Teaching Professionals

There is an undeniably high demand for teachers around the world that are capable of teaching English and teaching Maths. This is due to the growing success of efforts to bring education to all corners of the world. Each year, a host of schools are built in cities and even in the farthest areas that were once out of reach. Teachers from far and wide are compelled to act on the invitation to teach the less fortunate populations, leaving teaching jobs vacant in denser cities of the world.

Other than the transfer of talents, the number of new educational establishments being put up is also steadily increasing in countries across the globe. There are vacancies for teachers who are capable of teaching Maths and also teaching English. To become prepared for teaching opportunities worldwide, it is a smart choice to take up studies in Asia’s top teacher education university.

The Education University of Hong Kong is ranked among the best teacher education providers of the world. Completing one’s education at the prestigious university will enable one to be trained to be fully prepared to take on any and all challenges that teaching professionals deployed internationally are made to face.

Becoming Proficient in One’s Chosen Field

EdUHK takes pride in its reputation for producing top quality graduates that are proficient in teaching English subjects and are highly capable of teaching Maths to students of all academic levels. Taking up studies at The Education University of Hong Kong affords its students the access to high quality education that is unavailable elsewhere.

The university settles for no less than world-class standards at which they operate and implement throughout the university’s educational systems. To be able to take on the task of teaching English entails being proficient in the English language itself. The university seeks to ensure that no student graduates with any difficulties in the English language and in using it for both effective and efficient knowledge transfer no matter where in the world they may find their place in the industry.

The university assures educational institutions that hiring EdUHK graduates means that teaching Maths to the students of all ages and learning capacities will be done with ease. The facilitation of highly effective knowledge transfer is one of the core missions and goals of the university. It is ingrained in each student that it is important to succeed in every attempt to transfer knowledge regardless of the students’ capabilities or lack thereof.

Teaching professionals produced by The Education University of Hong Kong are also trained to take learning factors into consideration such as student motivation. The teachers and professors that come from EdUHK are humans first and foremost and are taught to put being human before being right. Teachers are meant to guide and build students up in their formative years and the students are taught to fulfill these roles by continuously learning about their students and how to reach out to them effectively.

Consideration for the Needy

Furthermore, the university seeks to ensure that the students and graduates are able to connect with their students to facilitate truly effective knowledge transfer. It has been recognized that the success of knowledge transfer is dependent on the relationship that the teacher maintains with the students that struggle the most.