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Go through the tuition fees of universities in Hong Kong for government-funded and self-financed programmes. EdUHK also offers financial assistance in forms of grants, loans and subsidies.

tuition fees of universities in Hong Kong

Tuition Fees of Universities in Hong Kong on Website

The tuition fees of universities in Hong Kong are published in the official website of The Education University of Hong Kong. This is to ensure that aspiring applicants have time to prepare for their academic costs.

Preparing for the Incoming Year at EdUHK

Once applicants of the Bachelor of Education program are accepted into The Education University of Hong Kong, they will be made to participate in a mandatory Immersion Programme. This stipulation applies to accepted applicants of the Chinese and English Language programs of the Bachelor of Education.

The Immersion Programme, being a requirement for all accepted applicants, is generously supported by donors. But, the students will still be made to pay a minimal fee called the student’s contribution. The student’s contribution is computed on yearly basis.

The reason for the computation being unavailable is due to the fact that the values for the following factors have not yet been finalized:

· Inflation rate

· Duration of the programme

· Airfare rates

· Taxes on fuel, and surcharges

· Exchange rates

Once these rates have been finalized and the date of the duration of the Immersion Programme, no less than 18% of the total cost of the programme will be what is called the student’s contribution.

For interested parties to have an idea of how much the student’s contribution will be, the 2016-2017 rate was at HK$5,850 for the Chinese Language Immersion Programme participants. The English Language Immersion Programme participants, on the other hand, were made to pay a HK$11,300 fee. There is no guarantee that the rates for the incoming year of intake will be decreased, maintained, or increased. The figures presented are available for mere reference purposes only.

Financial Assistance to Cover Tuition Fees of Universities in Hong Kong

Students that show promise and potential both academically and non-academically have the opportunity to study in The Education University of Hong Kong with the help of generous donors and sponsors to ease a financial burden of tuition fees of universities in Hong Kong such as at EdUHK. This will give aspiring students the access to world-class education thanks to the support of private institutions and individuals that believe in the results that EdUHK has proven time and again to deliver.

Tuition fees of universities in Hong Kong are undeniably in a class of their own and this is because universities such as EdUHK produce students that are trained to become the leaders of their generation. It is without a doubt that the students and parents will be more than satisfied to know that the future of the HKSAR and the world lies in the hands of their children whom they have invested greatly in.