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EdUHK provides professional training for the care of SEN (Special Educational Needs) students. At EdUHK, we believe that teachers shall be equipped with better understanding towards students' growth and learning needs.


Special Education Courses of Study Available at EdUHK

The demand for teaching professionals in Special Education is constantly growing. The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) has done well to provide various courses of study to address students with special education needs (SEN) of today.

EdUHK Leads in Providing Special Education Degrees in Hong Kong

EdUHK is the leader for SEN education in Asia. The university is known to rank among the world’s best universities when it comes to teacher education on Special Education. The university’s offerings on this discipline of study is classified into three, namely:

· Undergraduate Programs

· Postgraduate Programs, and

· Professional Development Programs

The university strives to become the world’s top university for SEN education and continuously works to achieve that goal. Special Education is more important now and the university has done well to ensure that their graduates are more than prepared to become leading personalities in their fields.

The University’s Long term Goals for SEN

The Department of Special Education & Counselling at EdUHK strives to be known as the top of mind provider of excellent SEN education in Asia and internationally. The Education University of Hong Kong is consistent in its effort to train and nurture graduates that are masters of their chosen fields. To this end, it continuously conducts research studies on people with special education needs and uses the results of these studies to create better and more efficient learning environments for them.

At EdUHK, inclusive education is of utmost importance. To remain true to the commitment of providing truly inclusive education, the university builds its students up by operating on a high level of standard when it comes to instruction. EdUHK looks to its faculty members to facilitate effective and efficient knowledge transfer in molding the teachers of the future.

Taking the Understanding of Special Education Further

EdUHK imposes high standards on both its teaching professionals and on its students. The future of SEN education lies in their hands and it is of utmost importance to maintain and uphold only the best quality of education.

The university’s mission is to train its students to be deployed in various areas of industries and organizations where they will excel in the furthering of the development of Special Education not only in Hong Kong but across the world.

Because of the nature of the discipline of study, the university also intends to produce graduates of SEN education to be adept at taking into consideration the emotional and more personal facets of this topic. EdUHK strives to train students to become human and to look beyond the intellectual capacity and disadvantages of each of their future pupils.

Furthermore, the university also trains its students to become leaders in research as research is the foundation for progress. Through extensive training in research, EdUHK’s SEN education graduates are able to further develop their knowledge regarding the subject. This is furthered by maintaining partnerships with other universities, institutions and individuals that like the university see the importance of prioritizing research on Special Education.

Partnering with Like-minded Academics Worldwide

EdUHK believes in collaboration. Through collaboration, the knowledge of one, combined with another brings forth an unparalleled amount of information. The information derived from collaborations are unique and are therefore serve as a gateway to the path of true enlightenment.

Through these collaborations with private individuals and institutions both locally and internationally, the landscape of SEN education is continuously improving for the generations to come.