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Associate Degrees and How They’re Unique from Other Degrees

The term Associate Degree may not be familiar to those who are not citizens of places like Hong Kong, America or Canada. To many, the only degrees familiar to them are Bachelor, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees. So, international students applying for admission at The Education University of Hong Kong may become confused by the unfamiliar term.

In Hong Kong, an Associate Degree is equivalent to a two-year technical degree at an educational institution for vocational or skills-based learning. In other countries this is known as technical or vocational degrees that most often do not include research units and are focused on practical application. This degree is a level below a bachelor’s degree and is a standalone degree. Once completing an Associate Degree in Hong Kong, one will be able to to work in certain positions in industries across the country.

In other words, Associate Degrees in Hong Kong are classified on the undergraduate level.

The Benefits of Having a Hong Kong Associate Degree

There are countless benefits of having an Associate Degree in Hong Kong. The benefits of completing a Hong Kong Associate Degree are as follows but are not limited to:

Additional experience and expertise in one’s chosen field

2 years’ worth of advanced learning and practical application

Better understanding of foundational subjects when taking up further studies

The Education University of Hong Kong does not require its students to be graduates of Associate Degrees in Hong Kong or one’s country of origin to be accepted in the university’s undergraduate programmes. There is no prerequisite to applying for a slot at EdUHK apart from completing one’s secondary education.

Having the equivalent of an Associate Degree in Hong Kong is undoubtedly beneficial to one’s pursuit of higher education but it is not mandatory for applicants to have one.

Earning an Associate Degree in Hong Kong

The Associate Degree system in Hong Kong gained traction due to several factors. Graduates of secondary education who are unable to proceed to getting a bachelor degree often opt for an Associate Degree from Hong Kong technical institutions. The preference for the undergraduate degree is brought on by the incentive of having a degree in just two years. This is, in a financial perspective, much easier to bear for students who come from families that are unable to provide their children with access to higher education.

The short duration of the Hong Kong Associate Degree programs also means that students can graduate sooner and have the opportunity to earn a decent and stable living in half the time compared to getting a bachelor degree.

Students who graduated from secondary education but did not produce outstanding results in university admissions exams are also drawn to earning an Associate Degree to work in Hong Kong industries instead.

Maximizing One’s Educational Attainment

Every person aspires to attain an educational degree that will enable them to become the best in their chosen fields which in turn means that they can be compensated at better rates. To maximize one’s capabilities, it is highly encouraged for those with Associate Degrees in Hong Kong to pursue higher education.

By earning a degree in higher education, one gains the opportunity to become a world-renowned professional in one’s chosen industry. The Education University of Hong Kong invites Associate Degree graduates to enroll in the university to reach their full potential. The university recognizes the capabilities of graduates of Associate Degrees and believes in the furthering of their knowledge. The Hong Kong educational landscape is ever-changing, allowing the people of Hong Kong the opportunity to select educational paths that best suit their lifestyles.