PhD in Hong Kong and Doctor of Education (EdD) | EdUHK

Apart from the PhD programme offered by EdUHK in Hong Kong, its Doctor of Education programme aims at experienced educators and professionals in educational settings. EdUHK also offers dual doctoral programme (EdD+PhD).

Doctor of education

Earn a PhD in Hong Kong at Education University

Become a Doctor of Education by taking up your PhD in Hong Kong’s Education University. The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) is well known for teacher education. There is undoubtedly no better place to get that degree.

Earn a PhD in Hong Kong’s Top University for Teacher Education

The opportunity to earn a PhD in Hong Kong’s top university has presented itself to you. The right thing to do is to check whether you are eligible for the program. Once you have confirmed that you are indeed eligible to apply for a slot at The Education University of Hong Kong’s postgraduate studies, then it’s best to get started on that application.

Add the title, Doctor of Education, after your name that not many people have been able to do successfully. Earning it from a prestigious university such as EdUHK will enable you to flourish in your chosen career path. The pride that comes with getting a PhD in this Hong Kong university is unmatched and therefore the chance to study at the university should not be overlooked.

Furthering One’s Passion for Higher Education

After completing one’s master’s degree, earning a Doctor of Education degree seems only natural for one to be able to truly push forward one’s passion for higher education. It goes without saying that the higher one’s educational attainment is, the better compensated they will be as well as the higher the demand there is for one’s credentials.

By pursuing a PhD in the prestigious Hong Kong university, EdUHK, you will be able to open new doors for your career that maintaining just a master’s degree could never unlock. One’s passion for education can also be furthered by taking up studies in higher education. Its effects will be massive and on a whole new scale once you have achieved the title of Doctor of Education.

To be a Doctor of Education means that one has an even bigger and higher capacity to help other people. Teachers go into this profession because of an innate desire to be of help to people who do not have the same access to education that they were afforded. By pursuing a PhD in Hong Kong’s top teacher university, one is able to enhance this ability to help people with lower educational levels.

Eligibility for Postgraduate programs at EdUHK

To gain entry into the postgraduate programs of The Education University of Hong Kong, one must have the following:

· A bachelor’s degree recognized by the university

· A master’s degree recognized by the university

· English proficiency exam results that meet the university’s requirements

The PhD degree from the Hong Kong university is awarded only to those who are truly deserving of the title and the esteem that comes with it. Without being able to submit proof or evidence of each of the items on the short requirements list, one will not be given admission to The Education University of Hong Kong’s postgraduate programs.

One would do well to note that the university maintains world-class standards in its operations.