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EdUHK offers courses of education and degrees in education, nurturing educators and leaders who are intellectually active, socially caring and globally aware to become agents of change in the communities they serve.

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Available Courses of Education at EdUHK

The many courses of education available at the education colleges Hong Kong are diverse and of first-rate standard. Education degrees from the university are deemed to be of high esteem locally and internationally.

Courses of Education for Undergraduate Programs at Education HK Colleges

The Education University of Hong Kong has a wide variety of education degrees offered through the world-renowned education colleges. Each of these first-rate courses of education are further divided into structural categories according to the field of study’s eligibility for its applicants to receive financial aid grants. The categories are as follows:

Full-time Government-funded Undergraduate Programs

Full-time Self-financed Undergraduate Programs

Government-funded Top-up Degree Programs

Self-financed Top-up Degree Programs

Please do well to note that the call of applications for the 2019 academic year is already open. The deadline for the application submissions is on 15 May 2019 for the Full-time Government-funded Undergraduate Programmes. The deadlines for submissions of the categories: Government-funded Top-up Degree Programmes and Self-financed Top-up Degree Programmes are 13 February 2019 and 30 April 2019 respectively.

Special Instructions for Education Degrees Applicants

The Education University of Hong Kong is the leading provider for teacher education in the city. Graduates of EdUHK are highly qualified and eligible to become teaching professionals or educators. Because of the elevated standards implemented by the university, all interested applicants are required to submit their applications to the Education Bureau (EDB) directly. The applicants are to direct their applications to the Teacher Registration Section for assessment by the Bureau.

Postgraduate Courses of Education

The Education University of Hong Kong, amalgamation of former education colleges in 1994, offers higher education degrees through its Graduate School. The postgraduate programs are further categorized by means of instruction. The following categories of postgraduate study programs are as follows:

Research Postgraduate Programs

Taught Postgraduate Programs

Taking further studies at The Education University of Hong Kong sets you on the right path towards the career you have spent years of aspiring to attain. The foundations that the university will lay for your future are strengthened by the university’s expertise in producing students and graduates that are prepared to become the leaders of their generation.

Applying at Education Colleges Digitally

The Education University of Hong Kong only accepts applications and submissions through its official online platform. It is essential to remember that following the instructions indicated by the university will increase your chances of being accepted into your desired programme.

Local students must note that they are not exceptions to this rule. All applications must be coursed through the digital online platform. To gain access to the online application forms and submission channels, make your way to The Education University of Hong Kong official website. Users will find the Admissions tab at the top of the webpage. Hover over the menu item and a drop down menu will appear. There you will find the menu item that will lead you to the Online Applications webpage.

Once you click on the Online Applications item on the menu, you will be redirected to the webpage containing all the necessary information regarding the process. On that page you will find the important details to not such as the starting dates of the entry submissions and the deadlines for each respective term.

Furthermore, details to note for non-local applicants can also be found on the Online Applications webpage. JUPAS applicants will also find important notes through the same online portal on the university’s official website.