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EdUHK's Physical Education degree courses offer comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge in health and physical education development. Graduates are well-equipped to embark on a career in related professions.

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Physical Education Courses Available at EdUHK

The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) offers Physical Education courses of study. The university is known to be the leader in teacher education in Asia and in the world. Take up Physical Education courses at EdUHK.

Take Up World-class Physical Education Courses

EdUHK nurtures students and graduates from the Physical Education courses that are highly qualified to teach in both primary and secondary schools. The Education University of Hong Kong implements standards of the highest levels across all of its disciplines of study including the Physical Education courses.

The University maintains its standards in its educational systems by conducting evaluations and assessments that look for the following qualities in each of its graduates:

Proficiency in exhibiting knowledge in both the humanities and sciences of human movement involved in Physical Education

Capability to apply, with innovation in mind, highly active facilitation of knowledge transfer to students of all levels

Ability to understand and imbibe the values in relation to sportsmanship and to be able to impart these values to the students

Exhibit an extended understanding of the integral skillset that Physical Education courses demand of its teaching professionals

Adept in various and diverse physical activities and involved in initiatives that promote healthy living and active ways of life

Passionate in maintaining continuous growth in the field of Physical Education

Physical Education Courses Majors and Disciplines of Study

The Physical Education courses at The Education University of Hong Kong encompass a wide range of fields of study on both the theoretical and professional areas of the subject. All of these are set in place to elevate the skillset of the students to prepare them to deliver more than what is expected of them.

The students of the Physical Education courses will be trained to become the masters of their chosen discipline of study. They will be molded into teaching professionals with a heightened level of skill proficiency. This will go hand in hand with an advanced competency in teaching and knowledge transfer.

Globally Competent Teaching Professionals

The Education University of Hong Kong aims to produce Physical Education teachers that are prepared to lead in the global educational landscape. In line with this goal, EdUHK implements an educational system for the Physical Education courses that cater to and address the needs and demands of local and global educational institutions.

The curriculum ensures that the students of the course are well-rounded. This is furthered by placing an emphasis on lifelong learning to guarantee a progressive career in education. The students are also encouraged and trained to be involved in campaigns that promote healthy living. The importance of having an active lifestyle outside of one’s studies is also given much emphasis.