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EdUHK's department of Psychology offers top-notch psychology degree programmes and its faculties provide all-round support to students for nurturing them to become intellectually competent through scientific studies.

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EdUHK Offers Courses to Attain a Psychology Degree

Earn a Psychology degree from the top Asian university for teacher education. The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) is known to nurture topnotch Psychology graduates that earn international acclaim for their achievements.

Studying at Asia’s Top University for Teacher Education

EdUHK invites students who aspire to become world-class professionals to earn their Psychology degrees under the available programs. The courses of study available are divided into two categories, namely:

· Undergraduate Program; and

· Postgraduate Program (Taught and Research)

Studying at EdUHK means that as a student, you will be trained and built up to pursue the same goals that EdUHK works toward. These include being known as the top university for teacher education not only in Hong Kong but internationally as well. Earning your Psychology degree at EdUHK means that you will be carrying the pride of the university as Asia’s top teacher education provider and the duty to fulfill the goal of international recognition.

EdUHK envisions the institution to be the leading provider of advanced research studies in Psychology. To this end, it continuously and consistently conducts studies that will further the knowledge and scope of understanding on the subject of Psychology throughout one’s efforts in earning a Psychology degree.

Taking Psychology Studies to Improve Educational Systems

Studying at EdUHK to earn your Psychology degree will enable you to take all your learnings and use it for the greater good and for the improvement of the quality of life of humankind. Students share in the university’s mission to go beyond contributing to the public understanding of Psychology. This means that students will be made to involve themselves in information campaigns to elevate the public’s level of understanding.

Furthermore, the knowledge acquired from a Psychology degree at EdUHK will be transferred to the current educational systems, thereby benefiting the next generation.

Promoting healthy lifestyles is an integral part of earning one’s Psychology degree from EdUHK. As such, the university encourages its students to live in such ways that enables them to become physically and mentally healthy.

Furthermore, graduates with an EdUHK Psychology degree will be trained to be intellectual professionals and humanistic team players. This is true to the commitment of facilitating successful knowledge transfer that is known to be dependent on student-teacher relationships.

World-class Standard of Operation at EdUHK

To become a world-class university, EdUHK must see to it that the students themselves are world-class. The psychology program has gained numerous program quality audit from various local and international accreditation bodies.

Earning one’s Psychology degree at EdUHK will afford one the opportunity to be recognized worldwide for one’s achievements in psychology studies. Students will have access to research studies that will enable them to be the best in their chosen fields and careers. To be part of the Psychology department of EdUHK will give students the ability to make their aspirations of making an impact a reality.

Studying at EdUHK is made possible by scholarship offerings from various organizations and private individuals that believe in the education that the university provides.