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EdUHK provides various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of language studies in both Chinese and English, including a co-terminal double degree programme. Visit the EdUHK website to know more about the details.

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International Language Studies at EdUHK

Proficiency in foreign language studies is an advantage that can elevate one’s international career in education. The Education University of Hong Kong, Asia’s top university for teacher education, offers courses in language studies.

Be A Leader in International Educational Institutions

The Education University of Hong Kong offers language studies for both Chinese and English languages. The university strives to become recognized globally for producing teaching professionals that live up to international standards.

By giving importance to the English language, the university is able to elevate its standards, hastening the transition from a locally known teacher education university to a globally recognized academic institution. Foreign language studies have gained the interest of more students aspiring to become teaching professionals in international settings. The Education University of Hong Kong trains its students to become the best they can be in their chosen career paths by training them in the world’s most widely spoken language next to Chinese.

The preparation and training implemented by EdUHK will enable the students of the university to receive recognition for their achievements during and after their formative years for language studies in the university.

Local Language Studies Unique Advantages

Taking up further language studies in Chinese proves to have its own set of benefits. Chinese is currently the world’s most widely spoken language. Some of the benefits include:

Being able to speak to members of the largest population in the world

Communicating in the native language of the world’s top countries to conduct business with

Having the advantage of building diplomatic relationships with citizens of various nations

To be able to speak with high levels of proficiency in the Chinese language will lead to opportunities that non-Chinese speaking individuals or professionals are unable to attain. Taking up further language studies in Chinese at The Education University of Hong Kong will enhance one’s skills in the Chinese language that will catapult one’s career to never before seen heights.

Taking up language studies at EdUHK

Take your foreign and Chinese language capabilities further by taking up courses at The Education University of Hong Kong that will enable you to become language studies teaching professionals. The university offers a number of courses that will train and prepare you for a career in language studies.

EdUHK offers full-time undergraduate programs in language studies for both English and Chinese. The courses can be completed over a four or five-year duration. The language studies offerings are available in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees. All degrees earned in language studies are implemented on the standards of an honours program.

What to Expect from EdUHK Language Studies Programs

Graduating from any language studies courses from EdUHK means that the university has successfully trained each student to become ambassadors and representatives of the standards that The Education University of Hong Kong upholds. This means that each student to graduate from the university is able to attain a high proficiency rate in one’s selected language of study.

The university prides itself in nurturing graduates that are able to recognize communication challenges in their respective fields and have the capacity to resolve these language problems that cause barriers.

Furthermore, graduates of EdUHK language studies programs are both critical and ethical thinkers. The university relies on them to champion the truth when tasked to participate in translation roles. Finally, the graduates of The Education University of Hong Kong will have been trained to lead in international settings, using their abilities to further global education advancement.