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EdUHK is one of the UGC funded universities in hong kong, providing a full range of Education and multidisciplinary programmes at sub-degree, undergraduate, taught postgraduate and research postgraduate levels

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Learning about UGC Funded Universities in Hong Kong

If you have had questions about the UGC funded universities in Hong Kong and how to gain access to UGC funded assistance, then you please continue to read on to learn more about the answers to your enquiries.

The Education University of Hong Kong is One of the UGC Funded Universities

The University Grants Committee is better known as UGC which is responsible for aiding the Hong Kong government when it comes to the subject of funding educational institutions that have offerings in higher education. The Committee is also at the head of providing counsel to the government regarding strategic development.

Apart from The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK), there are various other universities that are also UGC funded. The list of UGC funded universities is as follows:

· The Education University of Hong Kong

· City University of Hong Kong

· Hong Kong Baptist University

· Hong Kong Polytechnic University

· Lingnan University

· The Chinese University of Hong Kong

· The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

· The University of Hong Kong

There are other categories by which higher education universities in Hong Kong are classified. The UGC funded universities is just one of these categories. Other universities that are not UGC funded normally refers to self-financed institutions.

Why Maintaining UGC Funded Universities is Important

The support of the UGC plays a vital role in maintaining the capacity of UGC funded universities to nurture graduates that will make the Hong Kong’s education known to the world. With the support of the UGC, the UGC funded universities are able to maximize the resources made available to them that are utilized to achieve milestones for the city on international platforms.

To the advantage of all UGC funded universities, the Committee gives each respective community the freedom to decide how the grants will be utilized and maximized. This means that UGC funded universities will be able to allocate the funding in accordance to each university’s plans and needs for the relevant time being.

Rest assured that the UGC ensures the grants are always used for the right causes. The Committee has a team dedicated to the maintenance of quality assurance. The Quality Assurance Council was created in the year 2007 and oversees the proceedings regarding the proper use of the grants.

Applying for Admission at EdUHK, a UGC Funded University

The Education University of Hong Kong is a UGC funded university and that means that the university operates on the support of the grant-issuing body. Because of this reason, the university must have a certain percentage of local students enrolled at the university in proportion to the number of non-local or international students that the university can accept for each academic year. Non UGC funded universities do not need to follow such stipulation.

To apply for admission at EdUHK, a UGC funded university, one must submit an application through the university’s official website. The university, has done well to keep up with the fast-paced and highly technological world we live in today. The submission of applications is now conducted only through the online medium. This is also in line with the university’s efforts to reduce on paper waste. Hence, The Education University of Hong Kong will no longer accept applications for admission in the paper form.

Please do well to note if other UGC funded universities will require paper applications, and keep in mind that these take time. If you are applying for other universities, it is best to keep this detail in mind.