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EdUHK, well-known teachers college, presents diversified teaching degrees. It is an Education-focused, research-active university offering multidisciplinary programmes at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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Become College Teachers by Getting Your Teaching Degree at EdUHK

The Education University of Hong Kong is well known as one of the leading universities in nurturing teaching professionals regionally and globally. The university provides excellent training and nurtures students that deserve the prestigious teaching degree to become teachers in college.

The education college at EdUHK is the Best Place to Get a Teaching Degree

To become world-class college teachers, one must get a world-class education and that is the guarantee of The Education University of Hong Kong. Students who wish to become the leading college teachers in the world of education can achieve their highest potential by getting their teaching degree from Hong Kong’s top education university.

The standards that EdUHK uphold ensure that its students become teachers in college that are credible of teaching qualifications[qualification]. College teachers nurtured by The Education University of Hong Kong are some of the best that Asia and the world have seen. The invitation to earn your teaching degree at the EdUHK has been continuously extended to students all over the world.

Make sure to note that the call for applications and entries for the 2019 academic year intake is already open. The deadline for application submissions is 15 May 2019.

Teaching Degree Programmes to Choose from

The Government-funded Top-up Degree Programs has a number of available teaching degree options to choose from. The following are the available offerings at the EdUHK’s teachers training college:

Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Special Needs) (Three-year Part-time)

Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Professional and Vocational Education) (Three-year Part-time)

Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Early Childhood Education) (Three-year Part-time)

Bachelor of Education (Honours)(Early Childhood Education) in Leadership and Non-Chinese Speaking Children Programme (Four-year Part-time)

Bachelor of Education (Honours)(Early Childhood Education) in Leadership and Special Needs Programme(Four-year Part-time)

Teaching Degree in Special Needs Education

The Education University of Hong Kong believes in an educational system that is highly inclusive. This means that the special needs degrees are given utmost importance by the university. EdUHK offers special education study field to accommodate the demand for special needs teaching professionals. A teaching degree in special needs enables aspiring teachers to be compensated at a better rate than teaching professionals without a special needs degree.

The university works closely with the government to produce teaching professionals that are more than capable to cater to students with special needs and to effectively facilitate the integration of these students into a regular educational system. Furthermore, special needs teaching degree graduates will be equipped with the skills to collaborate with other educational bodies to create better systems for students with special educational needs.

EdUHK’s Offerings on Early Childhood Programmes

There is nothing more true than the saying that “The children are the future,” and EdUHK stays true to its commitment to provide better education to all by offering teaching degree courses in Early Childhood Education. The university trains its students to be the best in their fields especially since they are dealing with the ones who hold the future in their hands.

The Education University of Hong Kong seeks to provide and implement the best educational systems not only for the children but also integrates the importance of parents’ involvement. The emphasis on the involvement of the parents in the children’s education is in recognition to the truth in the wisdom of the saying that, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Learning to become the best teachers in college to teach the children of the future means that it will take more than the traditional means of learning. The Early Childhood Education programs offered by EdUHK take more modern and adaptive methods of learning and teaching that will enable the successful facilitation of educational transfer to the students.