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The Education University of Hong Kong believes that international and local collaboration, together with school partnership and exchange contribute significantly to the university’s growth as a centre of quality education and teacher education recognised both in Hong Kong and overseas.


On the international platform, the University’s interaction with its global network of collaborative partners in conferences and collaborative ventures offer us international benchmarks for excellence in teacher education. In turn, the University demonstrates leadership role by reaching out and sharing our experiences with the education community throughout the region and further afield. By forging links with schools and institutions internationally and locally, through exchange schemes for world-class scholars and Centres, the University has been engaged in collaborative research and development projects.


In the local education arena, the dynamic relationship with kindergartens and schools enables the University to produce graduates who gain quality experience in the field. Classrooms give student teachers the chance to practise what they have learned and develop their skills. They also give researchers the opportunity to observe and develop strategies that address Hong Kong’s changing educational environment.



By undertaking collaborative projects and enhancing school partnership activities, the University will:

  • Establish a learning environment of cultural and linguistic diversity in support of the development of international perspectives;
  • Provide a curriculum framework that shapes learning as a response to increasing globalisation and cross-cultural communication;
  • Strengthen links with regional and international partners and take on a leadership role in research and pedagogy; and
  • Promote internationalisation and encourage students’ integration into local, regional and overseas multicultural communities.