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The Education University of Hong Kong actively forges links with prestigious institutions worldwide to benefit all parties and increase the international recognition of the work we carry out in Hong Kong. We believe that a global network of partners with whom we interact in conferences, exchanges and collaborative ventures is essential for the University’s growth as a centre of quality education recognised both in Hong Kong and overseas.



Collaborative Partners and Projects

The University has been actively expanding its partnerships, collaborations and links, both locally and abroad, while maintaining its networks. The many benefits of these networking projects include providing a range of non-local experiential learning opportunities such as language immersion; diversifying the student population and increasing the number of non-local students; developing a campus community that cherishes cross-cultural sensitivity and multicultural understanding and appreciation; encouraging student integration; developing joint degree programmes with local or overseas universities putting each side’s expertise to good use and creating opportunities for research and knowledge transfer. Such networking projects also facilitate the building of a campus-based multicultural learning and research environment under the overarching theme of ‘Internationalisation at Home’.