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Religious Education in Asia: Spiritual Diversity in Globalized Times2020

The book examines ancient religious traditions and modernity in a globalized Asia that is as much in need of a moral compass as it is economic development. Religious education has been an aspect of many societies over time and irrespective of culture.

Edited by Kerry J Kennedy and John Lee Chi-kin

200 pages

‎ISBN: ‎9780367336998

Daring to Change the Sky: Extraordinary Years of Hong Kong’s Anti-Corruption Pioneers2020


Anthony Cheung Bing-leung

274 pages

ISBN: 9789888675920

Governing Cities: Asia's Urban Transformation2020

This book presents the latest research on three issues of crucial importance to Asian cities: governance, liveability and sustainability. Together, these issues canvass the salient trends defining Asian urbanisation and are explored through an eclectic compendium of studies that represent the many voices of this diverse region.

Edited by Kris Hartley, Glen Kuecker, Michael Waschak, Woo Jun-jie, Charles Chao Rong-phua

280 pages

‎ISBN: ‎9781138341883

A Research Agenda for Climate Justice2019

Climate change will bring great suffering to communities, individuals and ecosystems, with those least responsible for the problem suffering the most. Justice demands urgent action to reverse its causes and impacts.

Edited by Paul Harris

192 pages

ISBN electronic: 9781788118170

ISBN hardcover: 9781788118163

China's New United Front Work in Hong Kong Penetrative Politics and Its Implications2019

This book explores the dynamics of China’s new united front work in Hong Kong. Penetrative politics can be seen in the activities of local pro-Beijing political parties, clans, women and neighbourhood associations, labour unions, media organisations, district federations and some religious groups.

Steven Hung Chung-fun, Sonny Lo Shiu-hing, Jeff Loo Hai-chi

416 pages

ISBN electronic: 9789811384837

ISBN hardcover: 9789811384820