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The Experiential Learning and Achievements Transcript (ELAT) serves an official document of the University to recognise students’ achievements, contributions, and participation in non-credit bearing experiential learning, such as overseas exchange projects, non-education work-related experiences and co-curricular activities.


a. Recognise students’ experiential learning participation and achievements during their studies.

b. Enable students to keep track of their own experiential learning experience and make appropriate plans for personal and professional development.

c. Provide an official record of students’ achievements and involvements in experiential learning activities in the University.

d. Complement of an academic transcript in supporting students’ scholarship and award applications as well as their search for employment, internships or further studies.

What are included in ELAT?

Category A – Award and Scholarships

a. Awards and Scholarships recognised by the Committee of Scholarships and Prizes of EdUHK;

b. President’s Commendation Scheme


Category B – Participation in Co-curricular Activities

a. Careers and Professional Development
These activities aim at assisting participants to reflect on their career choices, strive for ongoing enhancement in preparation for further studies, employment and continuous professional development.

b. Citizenship and Civic Engagement
These activities aim at developing participants’ sense of civic responsibility and public interest through making responsible and reflective decisions for both themselves and the community.

c. Global and Cultural Enrichment
These activities aim at broadening participants’ horizon, enhancing their abilities in appreciating human differences, developing multi-cultural competency, cultivating diverse interests and accumulating knowledge and skills to establish a strong foundation for future development.

d. Personal Effectiveness
These activities aim at helping participants to enhance their self-understanding and self-appraisal; develop necessary life skills and personal attributes; develop capacity to manage personal affairs, health and wellness; prioritize leisure pursuits; build effective intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships; develop conflict resolution abilities and commitment to continuous personal growth.


Category C – Contribution to University and Student Organizations

a. University representative in competitions at local, national, regional or international level;

b. Team members in intervarsity competitions which are recognised by the University;

c. Office bearers of the Education University of Hong Kong Students’ Union.


All full-time students admitted at 2005/06 and thereafter are eligible to apply for ELAT.

Application Procedure

You are encouraged to submit your application online, however, should you experience technical difficulties in doing so, you are encouraged to download an application form and have it submitted to the Student Records Service Desk of Information Centre (Address: Room A-G/F-11, CKCF Building, 10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong) for processing.

For Current Students
1. Login the Portal (http://my.eduhk.hk)
2. Select “e-SIS”
3. Click “Student Services”
4. Click “Academic Documents”
5. Choose “Form A” button and then follow the application instructions and payment (VISA and MasterCard only)

For Graduates (Admitted at academic year 2005/06 and thereafter)
Please go to EdUHK Registry website (https://www.eduhk.hk/re/modules/content/item.php?categoryid=32&itemid=9) for application.

Please note that you should take your transcript within 3 months after receiving our collection email. Otherwise, you may need to re-apply the ELAT in the future after the due date of collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if some activity records are wrong or missing from my ELAT?
You should first contact your activity organizer to make sure that your participation record has already been submitted to the Student Affairs Office. When the activity organizer confirms it, you may then contact the Student Affairs Office (elat@eduhk.hk) to see whether any technical problems have occurred.

How much do I need to pay for each copy of my ELAT?
It is $50 per copy of ELAT plus additional postage fee (when applicable)

How do I update my record?
You are NOT NECESSARY to update your record in ELAT. The activity organizer or designated staff will help input your achievement / participation record to ELAT system, therefore your achievements and participation records in different categories will be updated continuously (normally at the end of each semester). When you apply for ELAT, we would print out your accumulative record in ELAT system with the endorsement by the Dean of Students.

How can I check my ELAT record? (for current students only)
You can check your ELAT record through the following steps in the Portal any time during your studies:
1. Login the Portal (http://my.eduhk.hk)
2. Select “Stu Affairs”
3. Click “ELAT”
4. Click “Attendance History”

When should I apply for my official copy of ELAT?
The most desirable period for applying the official copy of ELAT is the end of July in the year of graduation. The official copy of ELAT is issued on request.

How can I collect my copy of ELAT?
You may collect your ELAT in person / through an authorized agent at the EdUHK Student Affairs Office after 10 working days or your ELAT will be sent through registered mail (an additional fee will be charged and three additional working days for delivery).

Forms Download

Authorization for the collection of ELAT

Personal Information Collection Statement

Endorsement Form for Students Contributing to Student Organizations in ELAT

Guidelines Download

ELAT Checking Guideline

ELAT Application Guideline

Last updated on : 20 March 2019