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Animated Chinese History for Curious Minds Project

Learning Chinese history can be fun! To arouse primary school students’ interest in Chinese history and culture, the University has launched a series of six-minute animated videos, featuring the life stories and positive attributes of 10 key figures in Chinese history.

Spanning different eras and social strata, the historical figures presented in the Animated Chinese History for Curious Minds Project, following in-depth research, are Confucius, Qu Yuan, Zhang Qian, Zhang Heng, Du Fu, Wen Tianxiang, Li Shizhen, Kang Xi, Sun Yat-sen and Cai Yuanpei. Some of these figures had a special association with Hong Kong.


All the videos (Cantonese, Putonghua and English versions) and teaching materials in Chinese can now be downloaded from the project website for use by teachers, parents and students.


The project team comprised expert scholars in Chinese history, culture and literature from the Research Centre for Chinese Literature and Literary Culture, including Chair Professor Leonard Chan Kwok-kou, from the Department of Literature and Cultural Studies, Professor Si Chung-mou, from the Department of Chinese Language Studies, and Dr Fung Chi-wang and Dr Hui Kwok-wai, from the Department of Literature and Cultural Studies.


The Project has been made possible with a generous donation from the Ning Po Residents Association. The Modern Educational Research Society, Ltd. and Commercial Radio Hong Kong (CRHK) have kindly provided support for the animation production. Special thanks also go to Mr Stephen Chan Chi-wan, Chief Advisor of CRHK, for his voice-over performance.