The School Partnership and Field Experience Office (SPFEO) is to support, coordinate and strengthen the policies and practices in school partnership, mentorship and field experience at the University level. The Office establishes and maintains mutually beneficial partnership with schools through actively supporting them in building a mentoring force and enhancing teachers' professional development.

The major roles and responsibilities of the Office are as follows:

  1. to establish partnership with a network of schools and related organizations (such as School Sponsoring Bodies, universities) both locally and internationally to support student teachers in their field experience;
  2. to work with teaching staff of the University, and principals and supporting teachers in the partnership schools to provide an environment conducive to learning for both student teachers and supporting teachers;
  3. to support and coordinate the ongoing work in the University related to partnership, mentoring and field experience;
  4. to undertake and support research and development related to partnership, mentoring and field experience;
  5. to develop resources and activities designed to support the work of field experience supervisors and supporting teachers;
  6. to assist in both the development and implementation of policies related to field experience and partnership; and
  7. to contribute to teaching and support student teachers in formal and non-formal field experience learning.

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