Grades from the following credit bearing courses (8 cps in total) will contribute to the Programme Grade Point Average (GPA):

  • FE Foundation Course (3 cps);
  • FE and Professional Learning Portfolio I (2 cps); and
  • FE and Professional Learning Portfolio II (3 cps).

Results from BP/FES are excluded from the GPA calculation, and the grading system of Pass/ Fail or Distinction/ Credit/ Pass/ Fail is maintained.

For the purpose of determining award classification, students’ performance in Field Experience is based on the grade in the final Block Practice/FE Semester but on the condition that students should also pass the FE Portfolio II.

Under this FE framework, BP/ FES and FE Portfolio Courses are independent but interrelated components. In line with the prevailing practice stipulated in the General Academic Regulations, students must pass all FE courses to graduate. Students will be required to retake any FE course(s) they fail. Students who fail FE Portfolio I will have to re-take FE Portfolio I (likewise for FE Portfolio II). However, when students fail a BP course, in addition to having to retake the BP course (subject to reaching the requirements of the FE probation semester), students will also be required to complete and pass an additional assessment task of a reflective report to demonstrate their reflective ability on the BP / FES they retake. This additional assessment task is needed because (1) the ability to reflect is a requirement of a teacher’s competence; and (2) the new BP / FES courses do not require a reflective portfolio as part of the assessment.