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  • Video Guide to Supporting Teachers

  • Roles & Responsibilities of Relevant Parties in Block Practice (FE Handbooks)

    For pre-service education programmes


    For in-service education programmes

  • Example of Activities / Projects helped by Students in Placement School (Primary Schools / Secondary Schools)

  • Feedback on Students' Performance and Other Opinions

    We join hands to support students in field experience learning with an aim to enhancing their professional development and to work together to monitor the students’ performance throughout the field experience.

    Placement schools are welcome to contact the School Partnership & Field Experience Office anytime during field experience on 2948 8757 for any questions or feedback about the student(s).

    Feedback on the student’s performance

    Feedback on the students’ performance can be provided through the following means:

    Meeting with the student

    During the block practice, advice and guidance from the Supporting Teachers are very valuable to students for improvements. Regular feedback can be given to the students via regular meetings, pre-/ post-lesson conference and tri-partite conference.

    Communication with the EdUHK Supervisor via the tri-partite conference

    Tri-partite conference is a good opportunity for the student, Supporting Teacher and the EdUHK Supervisor to share and/or discuss the performance of the student. In case Supporting Teacher has any concerns over the student, s/he is welcome to talk to the EdUHK Supervisor during the visit or the Field Experience Coordinator concerned via the School Partnership & Field Experience Office for taking prompt follow-up.

    Formal feedback via the “Interim/Overall Feedback from Placement School on student

    In the interim and end of the block practice, feedback from Supporting Teachers will be provided via the feedback form to the student and the University for reference. For negative reports, the Field Experience Coordinator will investigate it and a Case Conference may be held. students with unsatisfactory performance in school may affect their overall result of the block practice.

    Other Opinions

    Should placement schools have any other opinion on field experience such as the overall placement arrangements, the learning attitude of students or any irregularities on FE supervisions, please write to us via or contact us on 2948 8757.

  • Procedures of Handling Special Student Cases

    1. Early recognition and feedback regarding performance problems are important. When serious problems about a student’s performance are identified by the placement school, please notify the University for immediate support to the student. For exceptional cases, the Field Experience Liaison Manager or the relevant personnel will pay an immediate visit to the placement school to meet with the school personnel as well as the student.

    2. The Link Teacher and/or Supporting Teachers are recommended to communicate their concerns and discuss them with the student if possible. Giving guidance, specify the expectations and remedial requirements for the student to address the problems / difficulties within a specified timeline are most welcome by the Link Teacher and/or Supporting Teacher, if time allows. A review meeting can be convened with the student as appropriate.

    3. If termination of the student’s block practice is required, the student’s performance related problems will be recorded in the case record form after the meeting between the University and the School’s personnel. The case record will be verified and confirmed by the placement school.

    4. University’s proper procedures of handling student unsatisfactory performance in schools will follow.

    Should there be any enquiries on the procedures, please contact Ms Yuen, the FE Liaison Manager on 2948 8782.
  • Declaration of sex related crimes

    To protect children and mentally incapacitated persons from sexual abuse, the Hong Kong Government has introduced a “Sexual Conviction Record Check Scheme” since 1 December 2011. Although the Education Bureau (EDB) does not mandate all students to provide placement schools with Sexual Conviction Records, the EdUHK has established its internal control mechanism requiring students before going on Teaching Practice to declare if they have any been convicted of and/or prosecuted with any sexual crimes. If so, a panel will be convened to consider withholding and/or postponing the Teaching Practice.