School Partnership Ambassador Scheme (SPAS)

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School Partnership Ambassador Scheme 

The ‘School Partnership Ambassador Scheme’ offers exclusive training and service opportunities to selected students from different full-time education-related programmes in EdUHK. Students who put in outstanding academic performance and demonstrate remarkable skills (e.g., community service, event management, communication and interpersonal) will be selected to represent SPFEO as School Partnership Ambassadors (SPAs). SPAs are given the chances to work towards building close partnerships with schools and organisations, both locally and internationally.

Learning Opportunities:

  1. Ample opportunities to connect with educators both inside and outside EdUHK;
  2. Connect schools and related organisations under different contexts


  1. To facilitate communication between EdUHK students and SPFEO, whereby promoting quality and effective exchange in various contexts (e.g. focused group meetings, pilot schemes and trial activities);
  2. Strive to achieve professional excellence by actively promoting positive and caring attitudes

Potential Opportunities:

  1. Promote EdUHK to both local and international schools through outreach programmes and events;
  2. Participate in overseas study tours to connect with foreign educational institutions through exchanges of learning and teaching experiences.