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Greater Bay Area Field Experience in Semester Two, 2022/23

Introduction to the Pilot Scheme

Field Experience is an important component of teacher education programmes. To enhance students’ teaching experience, a Pilot Scheme on Greater Bay Area Field Experience (GBA FE) will be conducted in Semester Two, 2022/23.

GBA FE will facilitate our students to aim high and explore opportunities beyond Hong Kong, gain more job-related experience/exposure in the GBA, and open up collaborative innovation opportunities for students in Hong Kong and the GBA.

The Pilot Scheme will echo the development of education system in the nine Mainland cities in GBA, to immerse GBA element into Block Practice I (BPI) of Full-time BEd programmes where students can try out a short duration of BP in schools which admit Hong Kong and Macao children (港澳子弟學校) to broaden their exposure. This Pilot Scheme will be considered as voluntary and value-added BP activity that would not affect the existing local FE learning.


Students will be placed to a school in GBA and conduct an additional 3-week Block Practice (BP) between mid-May 2023 to June 2023 for lesson observation, try-out teaching, participation in school activities, and other educational/cultural activities as suggested by the school.

Target Participant

Year 3 students on primary/secondary full-time BEd programmes who will conduct BPI in Semester Two 2022/23.


 Date Activity
Feb 2023
  • Orientation programme
8 – 23 May 2023
  • Practical training series
  • Pre-trip information sessions
29 May  – 2 Jun 2023
(1 week in total)
  • Preparation week in Hong Kong or GBA
5 Jun – 16 Jun 2023
(2 weeks in total)
  • 2-week Block Practice in GBA partner Schools

(Will be visited by the GBA FE Supervisors)

Jul – Aug 2023
  • Post-activity debriefing

Assessment and Evaluation

Students will be given at least one advisory FE supervision visit by the GBA FE Supervisor.  Students will also be required to critically reflect on their learning experiences and write about 300 words of reflection for submission to the GBA Supervisor.


SPFEO: 2948 8757