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Career and life planning is a lifelong process for the attainment of personal fulfillment and benefit to society through the fostering of self-understanding, goal setting, reflective thinking, and personal planning. Helping students to identify their skills, talents, interests and values while developing the knowledge and abilities needed to make informed academic and career choices, a well-designed career and life planning education (CLPE) program support students in their efforts to achieve their goals in life and career. Therefore, equipping both pre-service and in-service teachers with the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes to carry out CLPE in schools is of paramount importance.

Initiated by the Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) and funded by the University Grants Committee (UGC) and private donations, the “School-University-Reaching-Enterprises” Partnership Project (“the SURE Project”) aims to enhance CLPE in the local secondary school setting through fostering a partnership among schools, university (EdUHK), and different business and non-profit-making enterprises.

The objectives of the SURE Project are:

  1. To foster acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to career development as well as disseminating real-life, updated occupational information to EdUHK students so as to stimulate them to embark on a lifelong journey of career planning;
  2. To support EdUHK student-teachers in preparation for their future role in implementing CLPE in schools;
  3. To inform teachers and student-teachers of the changing landscape of the contemporary world of work and to empower schools to make meaningful connections between present school studies and future career development for their students;
  4. To enable the workplace partners of this Project to better understand the career aspirations, needs and values of youth population, and to facilitate their understanding, engagement and development of a younger generation of workers;
  5. To build a foundation and platform for future ongoing collaboration among the schools, the enterprises and EdUHK on CLPE development.


  • Career Seminars
    Distinguished members of different industries will be invited to speak on topics related to career planning and development in a series of public seminars.
  • Curriculum Research
    In collaboration with secondary schools, the SURE team will identify applicable models of CLPE program and formulate a curriculum framework for EdUHK teacher education programmes.
  • Teaching Resources Development
    The SURE Project will produce web-based multi-media CLPE learning materials with updated occupational information for use in schools and public dissemination.
  • Pre-service Teacher Training
    EdUHK students will be able to familiarize themselves with the world of work and develop practices of career and life planning.
  • Professional Development for Teachers
    In-service teachers will be equipped with the latest theories, knowledge, and skills on implementing CLPE in secondary schools.