Structure of FE

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BEd Programmes

(5-year Full-time)

Year 5

Block Practice (BP) II /

FE Semester (FES)

Block practice (8 weeks)

Semester I – October to December

FE Semester – Late-Auguest to late-November

FE & Professional Learning Portfolio II

Year 3

Block Practice (BP) I

Block practice (8 weeks)

Semester II – March to May

FE & Professional Learning Portfolio I

Year 2

FE Foundation Course

Facilitate students’ early development and adaptation to the changing role from a student to a teacher

PGDE Programmes

(1-year Full-time)

Semester Two

2nd Block of

Teaching Practice

Block Practice (8-weeks): March to May

Field Experience Portfolio II

Semester One

1st Block of

Teaching Practice

Block Practice (4-weeks): October to November

Field Experience Portfolio I