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Partnership Scheme


To develop and maintain strong partnership with schools in preparing students through field experience.


Schools which offer 3 or above [1] placements for EdUHK students.


Partnership schools will be offered:

  1. Early invitation for Professional Development Activities
  2. Choose ONE of the following services

(A) A 2-hour on-site seminar / workshop (click HERE)

(B) administration and consultation fee  (HK$650 per student) [2]

  1. Four EdUHK library reader cards for free


Indicate your participation in the reply proforma of Field Experience (FE) activities. Confirmation letter will be sent to eligible schools by May of the current year.



[1] 1-year full-time PGDE non-English / Putonghua major students will conduct the block practice in 2 blocks in Semester One and Two respectively. 2 headcounts will therefore be counted for accepting one of those students. From 2023/24, schools that offer 3 or above placements for EdUHK students will be eligible for joining the scheme.

[2] The calculation of administration and consultation fee is based on the actual no. of students placed at your school of the academic year. The min. and max. settlement limit for the fee is 3 and 8 students