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The Student Affairs Office is dedicated to provide quality locker services for the convenience of our students.  EdUHK students who are studying Diploma or Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education Programme or bachelor degree programmes (or above) may apply for the use of student lockers on a first-come first-served basis.  An online allocation system is in use and the computer programme will assign lockers automatically according to students’ preference on location.  You can use the assigned locker during your course of study at the University.  

Tai Po Campus


Application Period : From 3 September 2018, first-come-first-served

Students must agree with the terms and conditions stated in the Regulations on the Use of Student Locker and read the Application Procedures for Student Locker for details before applying. 

Step 1    :    Read the Regulations on the Use of Student Locker before applying

Step 2   :    Click Application for Student Locker

Step 3    :    Login iLocker system

Step 4    :    Select your preferred location (subject to availability) and press “Submit”.
Information of your assigned locker will be displayed instantly. (Students are reminded to select a preferred locker location during the online application process. Change of locker will normally not be accepted)

Step 5  :  Student should bring their own padlock and lock the locker up at all times to avoid unauthorized use.

Step 6  :  The assigned locker is temporarily locked by SAO, the locked would be opened on every Wednesday. (It should be noted that the University will not guarantee that the locker can be opened immediately.)



Locker Assignment Result : Check Student Locker Assignment Result

Students who lost a key/code and want to cut his/her padlock, please complete Request for Assistance to Open Student Locker (e.g. loss of key/code)

If a locker found to be illegally occupied by others, please complete Report on Unauthorised Use of Student Locker

Locker Location Map

Please contact our staff at locker@eduhk.hk for more information.

Study Centre
Students who want to use the locker service in Study Centre, please call 2190-8501.