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Scholarships and awards aim at recognising and encouraging students’ academic achievements.  They are granted to students on the basis of academic merit.  Other attributes like leadership qualities, involvement in extra-curricular activities and community services will also be taken into consideration.  Some scholarships are open for application, while others require nomination from departments or offices of the University.

All scholarships and awards are administered by the Committee on Scholarships and Prizes of the University.  The Student Affairs Office is the central coordinating unit.



1. General Information

Scholarships are awarded to students on the basis of academic merit, leadership abilities, contribution to community service and other special criteria as stipulated by the donors.  Most scholarships are donated by outside organisations and individuals.  In general, the higher the value of scholarship is, the higher the requirements will be.  The types of scholarships available at the University are as follows:

  • Full Scholarships – These scholarships cover the necessary fees incurred during an entire year of study at the University, including tuition fee, hall fee, academic expenses and living allowance.  They are renewable on an annual basis.  The number of tenable years is different depending on individual scholarships.  For more details, please click here.
  • Entrance ScholarshipsEstablished for undergraduate programmes, they are for both local students and non-local students.  The amounts range from $5,000 to full scholarship.  Some are renewable on an annual basis.  For more details, please click here.
  • Subject ScholarshipsEstablished for subjects like Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, General Studies, Music, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Early Childhood Education, Information Technology, Global and Environmental Studies, Psychology, History, Inclusive Education, Curriculum and Instruction, etc
  • Student Exchange ScholarshipsThese scholarships support students’ participation in the University’s one-semester Student Exchange Programme.
  • Other scholarships – There are scholarships for: non-local students, outbound activities, students with special talents, field experience, higher degrees,students with disabilities / special educational needs, overseas study, etc
  • For more information on each scholarship, please click here.

2. List of Scholarship Recipients

 3. Sharing by Scholarship Recipients

The Student Affairs Office organised an online student sharing session on 25 August 2020.  Please click here to view the PowerPoint slides and video clips.



1. General Information

EdUHK Student Awards are granted by the University to students, primarily on the basis of academic performance.  The Awards include “President’s Honour List” and “Dean’s Honour List”.

2. List of EdUHK Student Award Recipients


III. Whole Person Development Award

To recognize achievements in non-formal learning, Whole Person Development Award will be granted to students with reference to their Experiential Learning and Achievement Transcript (ELAT) hours recorded.  Participation in EdUHK activities from 1 September to 31 August in the following year will be eligible.

Level Name of Awards Participation Hours in ELAT Application Quota
1 Whole Person Development Certificate (全人發展證書) 100 hours>10 hours each in all 3 categories* Automatically awarded Unlimited
2 Whole Person Development Advanced Certificate(全人發展[進階]證書) 100 hours>10 hours each in all 4 categories* Automatically awarded Unlimited
3 Dean of Students’ List(學生事務長嘉許狀) 200 hours>30 hours each in all 4 categories*, plus outstanding organizing/leading performance in non-formal learning activities Nov/ Dec(eligible students will receive email invitation) 10
*The 4 ELAT categories are (i) Personal Effectiveness; (ii) Global & Cultural Enrichment; (iii) Citizenship & Civic Engagement; and (iv) Careers & Professional Development

Please note that this Award is for in progress students only, and the University has the final decision on granting of awards.


There are also other scholarships, awards and prizes offered by the University’s departments, offices or outside organisations.  Details will be made available by the relevant unit at the time of application.  Please refer to the announcements posted in the intranet and on notice boards.

For more information, please call the Student Affairs Office at the telephone numbers 2948 6770 / 2948 6224, or send us an email at saoemail@eduhk.hk.

Note: The above information is subject to change without prior notice.