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Wishing You Good Luck in the Year of the Dragon

With Chinese New Year coming up, we are pleased to present to you an EdUHK e-card, through which you may extend your personal greetings and warm wishes to business contacts, friends and relatives. 


The dragon is among the twelve Chinese zodiac signs. Known as a mythical creature in Chinese culture, it symbolises prestige, success and good luck. On the University's 30th anniversary, the e-card uses vigorous and powerful Chinese calligraphy to present the scene of a golden dragon soaring through the campus, showcasing a sense of vitality and brimming with joy. 


Staff colleagues and students can simply log in to the EdUHK e-card system with their usernames and passwords to send the e-card. Friends of the University can register as 'Visitors' to send their greetings. 


Wishing you all a very happy Year of the Dragon!