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Wishing You Good Luck in the Year of the Rabbit

Leaping into the Chinese New Year, The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) is pleased to present an e-card and a set of custom-made stickers, with which you can send greetings and wishes to business contacts, friends and relatives.


Representing the Earthly Branch of the Year of the Rabbit, the Chinese calligraphy on the e-card is shaped like the animal. The powerful and clean strokes illustrate its high-spirited and ingenious characteristics. To send the e-card, staff and students can simply log in to the EdUHK e-card system with their username and password. Friends of the University can register as 'Visitors' to send their greetings.


Little Leaf, the cartoon character from the University’s animated Chinese history series, once again appears on the stickers as a Chinese New Year rabbit mascot. You can download them for free in the links below. 





Wishing you all a very happy Year of the Rabbit!