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Our R&D Philosophy

As the city’s largest teacher education institution, The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) aims to produce knowledge that can be applied to learning and teaching with the aim of improving professional practice and increasing the transfer of new knowledge and skills to society for community betterment. The University emphasises the translation of research results and findings into the promotion of positive change in education, social development and the enhancement of human well-being. We do this through applied research that creates inspiring and innovative knowledge with strong academic, professional, social and policy impacts on education and the wider community.



Our research and development work emphasises not only academic rigor and conceptual originality but also social and professional relevance. In our philosophy, research excellence is a combination of scholarship, professionalism and service through knowledge transfer and application. Given the rapid development of education in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and across the Asia-Pacific, such an emphasis by EdUHK is both timely and essential.

Our R&D Directions


  • Promoting applied research (particularly in scholarships of application, teaching and integration) with strong relevance to advancing knowledge for professional improvement, practical innovation, and policy formulation in school education, teacher education and life-long learning locally and internationally
  • Fostering multi-disciplinary research under an “Education-plus” concept to broaden the scope of disciplines, enhance research capacity, and provide a more comprehensive and sophisticated approach
  • Integrating research with teaching and professional services to synergise academic and professional activities, and to optimise the mutual benefits
  • Harnessing local and international collaboration with schools, NGO, professional organisations, research institutions, and policy-makers involved in R&D activities
  • Building research capacity at individual, department, and centre levels and developing a critical mass of active researchers for cutting-edge research