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Education-plusDecember 2021
Published biannually, Education-plus keeps stakeholders abreast of the latest developments, new projects and initiatives at EdUHK, as well as stories of staff, students and alumni.
Annual Report
Annual Report2020/2021
The Report gives an account of the University's major activities and developments.
EdUHK Calendar 2021/22
EdUHK Calendar 2021/222021/2022
Published annually, this Calendar provides information on the governance and management, academic structure and programmes, regulations and services of the University.
Innovating for All
Innovating for All2021
Innovating for All features some of the exciting knowledge transfer projects recently launched by EdUHK’s scholars.
25th Anniversary Commemorative Publication
25th Anniversary Commemorative Publication2019/2020
Education is all about people. In celebration of the University’s 25th anniversary, 25 individuals were invited to share their stories, which bring out the importance of teachers and the irreplaceable role they play. This publication is dedicated to teachers everywhere, with the aim of reinvigorating the traditional value of respect for teachers. The four Chinese characters on the cover “尊師重道” encapsulate the theme, underscoring the special bond between teachers and students throughout their lives. We are indebted to the EdUHK Honorary Fellow Dr Kwong Kai-to for contributing the Chinese calligraphy on the cover. We hope that you enjoy reading this commemorative publication.