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Animated Singalong Mathematics Project

Supported by the Li Ka Shing Foundation, The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) has launched a series of interactive learning resources to enliven mathematics learning in light of the ever-increasing demand for online learning resources, especially in the wake of the pandemic.

Entitled “Animated Singalong Mathematics”, the 30-episode video series was designed by an expert team at the Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology (LTTC) to introduce important mathematics concepts to primary school students. The learning materials are complemented by lively animation. Each segment lasts from one to four minutes, featuring catchy songs that are easy to sing and remember. The episodes will be made available online for use by local schools and the general public in phases, and will be free of charge.

The 30 songs were composed by Miss Wong Lok-man, an EdUHK alumnus and currently a mathematics and music teacher. Complementing the melodic tunes are lyrics written by Dr Cheung Ka-luen, Academic Coordinator of LTTC and Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics and Information Technology of EdUHK. Dr Cheung has transformed complicated mathematical concepts into catchy lyrics to ensure that the materials are tailored to the learning needs of students at the primary level. In collaboration with the Hong Kong Designers Association, the team also sought to enhance the quality of the songs and animations, which are both entertaining and educational.

The short videos cover the mathematics curriculum from primary one to primary six, including addition, measurement and distance for primary one, multiplication tables and angles for primary two, division and fractions for primary three, the properties of quadrilaterals, perimeters and areas for primary four, simple equations for primary five, and volume and capacity for primary six. Complementing classroom learning, the materials are designed to enable students to master fundamental mathematical concepts through learning at home.