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All full-time undergraduate students are (eligible to become) members of the EdUHK Students’ Union and are required to pay an annual subscription fee. Affiliated to the Students’ Union are affiliated societies which are related to particular sports or hobbies. Besides organising a wide range of activities and providing welfare for students, the Union participates actively in the policy-making and administration of the University. At present, representatives of the Students’ Union serve as members in the Council, the Academic Board and other committees at the University level. Student societies are good places for students to practise life skills by organising activities and developing friendship and interests. All of them are excellent partners in promoting campus learning environment. In order to support them to organise activities, the Student Affairs Office provides a Student Activities Fund and many different kinds of services.

Students’ Union 2019-20 (Contact list)

Students’ Union (Executive Council)

Students’ Union (Editorial Board)

Students’ Union (Representative Council)


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