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JUPAS and non-JUPAS applicants: Visit the EdUHK website for the past admission scores. EdUHK adopts a holistic approach for assessing applicants' suitability for teacher education and other academic programmes.

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JUPAS Admissions at EdUHK

The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) accepts JUPAS applicants who would like to study its various bachelor’s degree programmes. But, rest assured that Non JUPAS students are also considered for acceptance.

JUPAS Admission Score

The JUPAS Admission Score is an integral piece of information regarding an applicant’s eligibility to be accepted in their university of choice. The Education University of Hong Kong adopts an approach that can be described as holistic when it comes to the evaluation and assessment of the eligibility of an applicant. The university looks at the applicant from various perspectives and draws its conclusions from the many aspects of life that the applicant shares with the admissions body.

The selection process implemented for the assessment of full-time undergraduate applicants and the higher education program participants takes many varied factors into consideration. The list of factors that the admissions body takes into consideration during evaluation is as follows:

· Results of public examinations taken

· Achievements that are non-academically related

· School principal’s recommendations

· Performance during the preliminary interview

Other factors will determine the success of an applicant apart from the JUPAS Admission Score. For further details, continue reading to gain a better understanding. It is important to note that Non-JUPAS EdUHK applicants will also be accepted into the university depending on other factors.

Taking the JUPAS is a choice that will greatly help one’s application as it is a standardized system. If you are unsuccessful in securing a slot at your desired university, you can always take advantage of your choice to take JUPAS and use your results to gain entry to other universities.

Non JUPAS EdUHK Applicants are Still Eligible to Apply

The Education University of Hong Kong also accepts applicants that do not take the JUPAS choice to take the standardized exam. Non JUPAS EdUHK applicants are highly encouraged to proceed with sending in their applications as the university is open to Non JUPAS takers as well.

The JUPAS system is set in place for those who have the opportunity to take the standardized test to benefit from the perks that come along with it. The JUPAS choice enables students to gain access to a system that standardizes their results. The standardized results can then be used by participating JUPAS universities. The system of JUPAS admission scores makes applying to multiple universities easier than having to take an entrance exam from each university individually.

Non JUPAS EdUHK applicants will simply have to take a different entrance exam to be able to apply for a slot in the upcoming academic year. Non JUPAS takers can rest assured that the JUPAS admission score or the lack of one will not hinder their application status to The Education University of Hong Kong.

Applying for Entry to EdUHK

Certain disciplines of study offered at The Education University of Hong Kong are taught and will be used in foreign languages. The standards for the acceptance of applicants are different for these said disciplines of study.

The admissions body will take into heavy consideration each applicant’s ability to learn in the respective foreign language of their chosen discipline of study. Furthermore, applicants must exhibit high levels of proficiency in the foreign language involved in conversational, academic, and professional use.

The Education University of Hong Kong takes many varied factors into consideration when evaluating an applicant’s eligibility to study in the university. The admissions body looks at each application carefully to ensure that the students given admission to the university can be relied on to uphold its standards.