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Find out information of scholarships programs for exchange student from the Global Affaris Office at EdUHK. The University offers inbound and outbound exchange programmes and international teacher training opportunities.

Study abroad programs

Study Abroad (exchange student) Programs and Scholarships Offered at EdUHK

The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) encourages its students to apply for the study abroad (exchange student scholarships) programs that they are eligible for. The university also has study abroad scholarships for aspiring students.

New Learning Opportunities in Study Abroad Programs

There are exciting opportunities and study abroad programs for eligible EdUHK students. Taking up studies in foreign countries could be possible. To enable students to have the opportunity to gain overseas university learning experiences, various sponsorship schemes have been established for different student groups and activity types, for examples:

· Global Learning Enhancement Fund

· Mainland Experience Scheme

· Exchange Scholarship and Reaching Out Awards

· Scheme for Subsidy on Exchange for Post-secondary Students (SSE) / Subsidy on Exchange to “Belt and Road” Regions for Post-secondary Students (SSEBR)

Students from all walks of life that study at The Education University of Hong Kong have the chance to experience studying in a foreign country.

This exposure will allow students to go beyond the ordinary means of learning. Students who take part in the study abroad (exchange student scholarships) programs will have the chance of a lifetime to learn and discover the overseas university’s education experiences through new perspectives. Living and studying in a foreign country allows students to immerse in the local cultures, making them more globalized citizens. The exposure to the foreign cultures and educational systems will benefit the students in different aspects. These study abroad programs last for the duration of one semester.

Finding out If You are Eligible for the Exchange Program

It is easy to know whether you are eligible to apply for the study abroad (exchange student scholarships) programs and there is no separate application for study abroad (exchange student scholarships) programs . Here is the general information regarding eligibility:

· Complete at least 1 year of full-time undergraduate study at EdUHK before the start of exchange

· Meet specific requirements set by the preferred exchange institution

· Have a GPA of at least 2.5

Further details on eligibility can be found on the website of the Global Affairs Office at The Education University of Hong Kong. The information regarding the study abroad programs can be found under the Student Exchange tab of the website. By clicking on Outbound Exchange from the menu list, you will find the link that will bring you to the Application & Eligibility webpage.

Submitting Your Application

Once you have met the basic requirements, it is time to prepare all the necessary documents that are required to complete your application for the study abroad (exchange student scholarships) programs. Successful applicants who meet the academic requirement will be considered for the study abroad (exchange student scholarships) programs automatically.

It is important to note that apart from the standards imposed by the university, each application will further be assessed in comparison to the institution specific admission requirements set for the study abroad programs. One such discipline of study that bears much importance is that of the English language. Students who wish to partake in the study abroad programs must be capable of communicating in English.

If the student will not be sent to an English speaking country, the student’s capacity to speak other languages necessary for the exchange will then be put into consideration. As mentioned, students applying for the study abroad programs must have been studying at an overseas university for at least one academic school year prior to the start of the programs.

Furthermore, each successful applicant must maintain a GPA of no lower than 2.5 prior to the beginning of the exchange program and they should also have excellent language skills so as not to be hindered by any language barriers during the semester-long study abroad programs .

Finally, each applicant must be an example of what it means to be an ambassador for EdUHK. This means that the students who wish to be granted study abroad scholarships for the study abroad programs must excel in being a well-rounded student and/or other non-academic areas.