Budget & Finance

Budget & Finance

Most of the Short-term Study Visits are sponsored by the Ministry of Education, China and are generally free of charge. Unless otherwise indicated, students usually will only need to pay for the round-trip transportation fees, daily & personal expenses, as appropriate. Some self-funded programmes are also available while additional fees may occur.

Global Learning Enhancement Fund (GLEF)

To further promote internationalisation and better facilitate students in participating in learning experience in overseas and the Greater China Region, the University has been offering the Global Learning Enhancement Fund (GLEF) to provide financial support to full-time undergraduate students participating in approved international and regional learning activities. The maximum subsidy for each student during his/ her study at EdUHK is capped at HK$10,000*. Eligible participants may apply for the University’s Global Learning Enhancement Fund, students are required to provide official receipts and related proof for the refund application upon returning to HK.

*Subject to the student’s GLEF balance

 From Academic Year 2018/19, this support has been extended to our full-time students of Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education programme (HD(ECE)) and the maximum subsidy amount is HK$5,000.

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