During your Exchange

During your Exchange

During your Exchange
During your Exchange
During your Exchange

Laws of Hong Kong and Personal Identification

Hong Kong operates under a common law system, which may be different from your home country. There may also be differences between Hong Kong’s common law system and the system in other locations. Therefore, you need to be prepared to learn about and respect the laws in Hong Kong during your time in the city.

One of the legal requirements in Hong Kong is that you are required to carry your valid identification document and provide it for inspection as required. In other words, you should carry either your passport or a Hong Kong ID card (you will be eligible to apply for one if you stay in Hong Kong for 180 days or longer) at all times. If you are stopped without it, you risk being fined by the police. 

For reference, according to Section 17 C “Carrying and production of proof of identity” of “Immigration Ordinance” (Cap115) of the Laws of Hong Kong, a police officer has power to inspect the proof of identity of any person. Any person who fails to produce proof of his identity for inspection as required by the law will commit an offence.

Academic Honesty

You should always approach your work with integrity and honesty, avoid any action that might call into question your present or future academic reputation, or that of EdUHK and your fellow students. We expect our exchange students to carry out all academic activities honestly and with good faith.

This means you must:

  • Take full responsibility for all the work you submit and ensure that all submitted work is your own
  • Present genuine (i.e. not falsified or fabricated) information and data
  • Make a full and proper acknowledgement of the sources of your work and of their intellectual property

You are required to read carefully the Guidance Notes on Academic Honesty, which will be given to you on arrival, and to sign a declaration to indicate your acceptance of upholding academic honesty throughout your studies on admission to EdUHK.

Language of Instruction

The language of instruction in our school is mainly English, and some subjects are taught in Cantonese or Putonghua. Please pay attention to the language of instruction and choose appropriate subjects during course registration.

Credit Transfer and Transcript

We suggest exchange students discuss the transfer of credit units from EdUHK with the relevant department of their home institutions before course registration. The final decision on whether the credit transfer application is successful rests with the home institution of the exchange student.

 Academic results are released in February and July respectively. After receiving the academic transcripts from Registry, GAO will mail it to the International Office of students’ home institution.

If you need additional copies for sending to your own address or other institutions for postgraduate admission, please submit your request to the Information Centre of Registry directly (Email: siec@eduhk.hk ). You can download the application form from Registry’s website. Please refer to the form for details on payment and collection method. For enquiries, please contact the Information Centre at 2948 6177.

Cultural Adjustment

Global Affairs Office would organize a series of activities throughout the semester to help exchange students settle down in Hong Kong. Among numerous initiatives, GAO organises an Orientation Programme and a range of indoor and outdoor activities throughout the year to help overseas students understand Hong Kong and EdUHK, meet local and other international students, as well as get used to life in Hong Kong. These activities may include lively excursions, exciting adventure training day camp, Chinese cultural workshops and a fun cross-cultural showcase. All these activities are the platforms for cultural exchange and integration of students from diverse backgrounds.

In addition, through teaming up exchange students with local EdUHK students, the Buddy Programme enables the adjustment and integration to begin even before arrival in Hong Kong.

Student Support

In addition to GAO, support is available through various services provided by the Student Affairs Office (SAO). The SAO aims to create an open and caring student environment, which assists active learning and all-round development. Two key services are:

1. Counselling and Career Services

Counsellors can help you resolve personal, interpersonal, emotional, academic and family problems. For those looking to the future, career education programmes can assist in identifying interests or job choices and mapping out your career path.

2. Non-local Student Support

Guidance is available to enable international students to better understand the Hong Kong community, adjust to studying at EdUHK and campus life, foster mutual support, and facilitate cultural exchange among all students.

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