Student Exchange Programmes (Inbound)

Student Exchange Programmes (Inbound)

Exchange Programmes Details (Inbound)

Who are eligible to apply for the exchange programmes at EdUHK?

Any students nominated by EdUHK partner institutions.

How long is the exchange programmes?

One semester or one academic year.

What courses/programmes at EdUHK are open to inbound exchange students?

The list of courses is available here. Please pay attention to the language of instruction. Some courses are taught in Chinese only.

This list is updated regularly. Students are advised to keep visiting the web page to check the latest courses available. Email reminders on the latest course list are sent to exchange students periodically.

Can the credits I earn at EdUHK be transferred to my home institution?

In general, credits gained at EdUHK are transferable, though recognition of studies undertaken at EdUHK remains at the discretion of your home institution. An official academic transcript will be sent to your home institution after completion of exchange.

Is on-campus accommodation provided?

Yes, on-campus accommodation is guaranteed for all inbound exchange students.

What do I need to pay for my exchange at EdUHK?

Airfare, campus accommodation, visa, and living expenses. Tuition fees continue to be paid to your home institution.

Is there an insurance requirement?

Yes, it is mandatory for exchange students to arrange travel and health insurance covering the entire period of study in Hong Kong. Insurance should cover (but not be limited to) travel, personal accident, medical expenses (accident and non-accident), hospitalisation and emergency evacuation/repatriation. There is no requirement on the amount of insurance coverage. This will depend on individual needs.

Students are required to provide proof of insurance coverage prior to arrival.

Are there admission requirements?

Yes. For details, please refer to our website.

I’m a postgraduate student, can I apply for the programmes?

Postgraduate students are accepted as long as their host institutions approve and nominate them. However, courses available to exchange students are at undergraduate level only.

Am I able to have internship/part-time job during the exchange period in EdUHK?

Internship related courses are not available for inbound exchange students. Under the Immigration Regulations, exchange students are not eligible for internship during the exchange period.

Application Procedures

When do I need to apply?

For Semester 1: early March – late April

For Semester 2: early September – mid-October

What do I need to submit?

A COMPLETED student exchange online application form, academic transcript and visa application form, etc. More details can be found here.

For the English language proficiency requirements, will you accept test results other than IELTS/TOEFL?

A letter issued by your home institution’s international office/study abroad office certifying your English proficiency will also be accepted.

How many courses do I need to take/can I take at EdUHK?

A minimum of 12 credits (four courses) up to a maximum of 15 credits (five courses).

When do I need to pay for my visa application, administration and courier fees?

Students will be advised of the payment procedures and deadlines once they are admitted to the exchange programme.

When will I know if my application is successful?

An admission letter will be sent to successful applicants in May for exchange in Fall Semester and end of October/early November for exchange in Spring Semester.

When do I need to provide proof of my travel and health insurance?

Health insurance should be submitted before your departure. Further information and requirement will be provided in the email.

Student Visa

Do I need to apply for a study visa?

Yes. In accordance with the Immigration Ordinance ,Cap. 115, Laws of Hong Kong, all international students are required to apply for a student visa prior to arrival. It is mandatory that all exchange students apply through the EdUHK Global Affairs Office. The visa application form and application guidelines can be downloaded here.

How long will my application take?

Student visa processing time is normally six to eight weeks.

How much do I need to pay?

You are required to pay a total of HK$530, including visa application fee of HK$230 (US$29) and administration fee of HK$300 (US$38). The payment is non-refundable.

When will I receive my visa permit? What should I do afterwards?

If your application is successful, an e-visa will be sent to you by email.

For international exchange students, you should ensure that you have received the e-visa label before departing for Hong Kong. When you arrive Hong Kong, an immigration officer will activate your student visa accordingly.

Should you fail to complete the above, you will only be regarded as a visitor in Hong Kong. This means that you won’t be able to undertake registration or start your studies at EdUHK until your student visa is activated.


Do I need to apply for the on-campus accommodation? If yes, when?

Yes. The Global Affairs Office will inform successful applicants about on-campus accommodation application procedures.

When can I check in to my EdUHK student hostel?

You can check in prior to the start of the semester. The exact dates will be given to students in due course.

Can I check in to my hostel earlier than the early check-in period?

Check-in prior to the designated period is not allowed.

How much is the hostel fee and when do need to pay?

As of 2022/23, the hostel fee is approximately HK$3,810 - 7,720 (US$500-990)/ semester, plus a Hall Life Education fee of approximately HK$220 (US$28) (one-off payment). The payment instructions will be sent to you before you check in.

Do I need to bring my own bedding?

Yes. Bed sheets, blankets and pillows are not provided by EdUHK student hostels. Alternatively, you can purchase these items in Hong Kong after you arrive.

Are there any other fees that I need to pay, i.e. meal plan, utilities charges, etc?

Meal plans are not provided at EdUHK hostels, but there are catering outlets on campus. Air conditioning and utilities are charged by use. If you live in Northcote Hall, Grantham Hall or Robert Black Hall, you will need to pay for the air conditioning for your bedroom and laundry charges. Students staying in The Jockey Club Student Quarters share their flat’s utility charges.

Can I make requirement of whom I would like to live with, i.e. exchange students, local students, etc?

Yes, you may list the requirement in the online application form. Final arrangements will be subject to the decisions of the Student Affairs Office.

Can I live off campus?

All exchange students are strongly advised to live on campus.

Course Registration

When do I need to register for courses?

Students can register online prior to their arrival in Hong Kong. The exact date will be shown on your admission letter.

Can I make changes after course registration?

Yes, you can change your course selection during the add/drop period after arrival.

What can I do if a course I wish to take is full?

You can make changes to the course selections during the add/drop period. While seats of all courses are available on a first-come-first-served basis, please note that all exchange students would need to fulfill the minimum credit requirement, which is 12. Therefore, it is important for you to have as many alternative courses as possible to ensure that you could meet the credit requirement.

Can I enrol in a course that has a prerequisite?

Yes, but you may be required to provide proof (such as a transcript, course syllabus, etc) of an equivalent prerequisite to the course instructor, with enrolment subject to the instructor’s approval.

I do not need to transfer the credits back to my home institution. Do I still need to fulfill the minimum credit requirement?

Yes, in order to maintain your full-time student status, you MUST take at least 12 credits. Otherwise, your exchange study at EdUHK could be terminated.

Prior to arrival

When should I arrive?

Students are advised to arrive before the semester begins to familiarise themselves with the environment. Orientation and arrival pick-up service on the designated date(s) close to the start of the semester will be arranged for exchange students. Details will be provided with your admission letter.

When should I purchase my ticket to Hong Kong?

After your visa application is successful.

Do I need to apply for the Student Buddy Programme?

No. Every exchange student will be matched with at least one EdUHK student buddy before arrival.

How much money do I need to bring to Hong Kong?

Estimated living expenses (for reference only) can be found at here.

On Arrival

Do I need to apply for a Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID)?

Depends on the duration of your exchange study at EdUHK. If you only stay in Hong Kong for one semester (i.e. less than 180 days), you don’t need to apply for a HKID.

Where can I find ATM and banking services?

There are more than one automated teller machines (ATMs) on campus, or you may find different banks in the neighboring areas such as Tai Po Centre and Tai Po Market.

Is there a clinic on campus?

Yes. International and exchange students can obtain medical services at the Health Centre (Location: A-1/F-09; Tel: 29486262) at the same nominal rates as other full-time students. Check out more details here.

Can I take up part-time employment in Hong Kong?

Under Immigration Ordinance, Cap 115, Laws of Hong Kong, exchange students studying at Hong Kong tertiary institutions cannot take up any part-time or full-time employment, whether it is paid or unpaid. 

Can I leave Hong Kong before the regular term ends?

Students are highly recommended to complete all the assignment and examinations before leaving. Students who wish to leave early will have to inform GAO and their home institutions for approval. There will be necessary procedures to go through before departure.

My family/friends will be coming to see me in Hong Kong. Are visitors' quarters available on campus?

No, but accommodation options are available via the Hong Kong Tourism Board website.

Do I need a visa for visiting Mainland China?

Yes, you must apply for a Mainland China visa in Hong Kong in advance. You can apply for this at any one of the China Travel Service (HK) branches. More information is available here. Alternatively, you may apply for a Mainland China visa from the Chinese embassy or consulate-general in your home country.

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