Non-local Undergraduate students (International Students)

Non-local Undergraduate students (International Students)

Is EdUHK a public university?

The Education University of Hong Kong is a government-funded tertiary institution dedicated to the advancement of learning and teaching, through a diverse offering of academic and research programmes on teacher education and complementary social sciences and humanities disciplines.

We nurture educators and social leaders who are intellectually active, socially caring, and globally aware, to become agents of change in the communities that they serve. We place great emphasis on research capability — our research will contribute to the advancement of knowledge, scholarship and innovation, with sustainable impact on social progress and human betterment.

EdUHK aims to be a leading university in the Asia Pacific region and beyond, with a focus on educational research, development and innovation.

Are the qualifications awarded by EdUHK internationally recognised?

Yes, all qualifications awarded by EdUHK are internationally recognised.

What are the academic faculties in EdUHK recruiting non-local undergraduate students?

There are three faculties in EdUHK recruiting non-local undergraduate students: Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social SciencesFaculty of Education and Human Development and Faculty of Humanities.

What are the differences between Bachelor of Education (BEd) programmes and other undergraduate programmes?

Bachelor of Education (BEd) programmes are aimed at training pre-service teachers who will be equipped well with in-depth major-related knowledge and professional teacher training. Graduates of the BEd programmes may register with the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government as a qualified teacher and teach in kindergartens, primary schools or secondary schools.

Graduates of the 5-year full-time co-terminal double degree programmes will be awarded both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education qualifications. They will be equipped with solid subject knowledge in addition to in-depth knowledge and skills in professional teaching training.

Graduates of the 4-year full-time complementary undergraduate programmes will be awarded the qualification of Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Social Sciences with solid subject knowledge. Graduates who wish to join the teaching profession may choose to undertake the one-year full-time or two-year part-time Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) programmes in order to acquire the qualification for registering as qualified teachers.

What are the general entrance requirements for admission to undergraduate programmes?

General entrance requirements of international students

A list of acceptable non-local qualifications for meeting the general entrance requirements for undergraduate programmes can be found here. Qualifications not listed there will be considered on an individual basis. Due to quota limit, applicants having satisfied the University's entrance requirements will be considered for admission on a competitive basis. To be competitive for admission, applicants are strongly advised to upload academic proof to the Online Application System on or before 31 May 2023. For some qualifications, applications may be reviewed after the release of public examination results.

内地应届高考生入学要求 (Please click here)

内地应届非高考生入学要求 (Please click here)

臺灣應屆高考生入学要求 (Please click here)

澳門應屆高考生入学要求 (Please click here)

How many programmes can I apply for?

Each applicant can submit the application for a maximum of two programme choices. To facilitate the admission process, applicants are required to indicate their first programme preference via the online application system. Applicants can refer to the list of EdUHK Full-time Undergraduate Programmes for 2022/23 Entry to choose the programme they apply for based on their respective academic backgrounds.

Apart from the websites of individual undergraduate programmes, what other channels can I learn more about the respective programme information?

Applicants can also visit the Media Library, which provides the programme prospectus/ leaflet, student sharing and introductory video to help them better understand the relevant undergraduate programmes. Applicants can also subscribe to eNews if they wish to receive the latest admission news and activities information of the University.

What documents are required in support of my application?

Applicants are advised to make careful choice and understand the programme curriculum and graduate prospect before submitting the online application, as well as to prepare the proof of identity, academic qualifications and supporting documents to facilitate them to fill in their personal particulars accurately and upload the relevant documents. The application fee of HK $300 will be charged by credit card when submit the application through the online application system. The fee once paid is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Can I modify my programme choices or preference after submitting my application?

Applicants can apply for modification of programme choices or preference by email before the deadline for application. No further modification is allowed after the deadline.

Can I apply for transfer to other bachelor's degree programmes during my study?

In principle, freshmen who apply for transfer to another bachelor's degree programme within the first semester after registration will not be considered. Current students are required to complete at least one semester of study, and can apply for programme transfer through the established mechanism. Before submitting the application, students are required to obtain the endorsement from the respective programme leader, in addition to the approval from the Hong Kong Immigration Department. The Hong Kong Immigration Department will approve the application in accordance with the relevant immigration ordinance. For details, please refer to the "Guidebook for Entry for Study in Hong Kong". If approved, it will generally take effect in the next semester/academic year. For details, please refer to the relevant application guidelines.

How can I check the progress of my application?

Upon successful submission of application, you will receive an application acknowledgement by email within one day of submission. It contains your application number and choice of programme. Please retain this acknowledgement for future reference and enquiries. Shortlisted applicants invited for admission interview / test will be notified by email. Please check your email regularly after submission of application in order to receive any updates or interview invitation from the University.

Which bachelor's degree programmes do not require admission interviews?

Admission interviews are required for all five-year full-time Bachelor of Education programmes. Other four-year full-time Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Social Sciences/ Bachelor of Science programmes may require for admission interviews as appropriate.

Do I need to attend admission interviews? How would I be noticed if I am selected for interviews?

Eligible applicants may be requested to attend interviews for further assessment through electronic means such as Skype / Zoom. Shortlisted applicants will receive individual notifications by email. Applicants are strongly advised to check their personal emails frequently after submission of applications in order to receive any updates or interview invitations from the University. It is therefore important that the email address you provided is correct and up-to-date. Please login your online application account to update your email address and contact phone number when changes occur. Applicants are strongly advised to use the email address that registered in our Online Application System for communication with the University.

How can I apply for scholarships?

Entrance scholarship will be granted automatically to outstanding applicants who obtain excellent academic results and demonstrate outstanding performance in admission interviews. In this regard, no separate application for scholarship is required. For those who have not been awarded entrance scholarship can apply for a range of scholarships during their studies at the University. For details, please visit the website of our Student Affairs Office.

How much are the tuition fees? How can I settle the tuition fees?

The tuition fee for the 2023/24 academic year is HK$140,000, payable in two instalments. Tuition fees are subject to change.

Enrolment deposits paid will be counted towards part of the tuition fee. The remaining amount of the tuition fee for the first semester should be settled by mid-October. Students can check the amount of the fees payable (including tuition fees, accommodation fees and other study-related fees) by logging in The Portal.

As a non-local student, how can I apply for a student visa for my studies in EdUHK?

Our Global Affairs Office (GAO) will render assistance to non-local students for their visa applications. Successful non-local students are advised to submit the required documents to GAO as early as possible as it often takes considerable time (normally 6 to 8 weeks) for the Immigration Department of the HKSAR to process your visa application. For details, please refer to the website of the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

How long does the student visa application takes to be approved? Am I able to urge the visa application progress?

GAO will send your visa application materials to the Immigration Department of the HKSAR for review.  It normally takes at least 6-8 weeks to complete the process. Kindly note that June-August are the peak season for visa applications in the Immigration Department and therefore the visa processing time is usually prolonged. Students are highly recommended to submit their visa applications as early as possible.  After the applicants have submitted the required academic documents to Registry and the documents are verified to the satisfaction of the University, GAO will send the e-visa to students by email.

Should I have any questions regarding the student visa application, who can I contact?

Please visit GAO website for more information. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us (Email:; Enquiry number: (852) 29487654).

Does EdUHK provide accommodation to non-local students?

According to the EdUHK hall policy, all first year full-time students on a UGC-funded undergraduate programme would be offered guaranteed hall residency for the first year of study. Students are required to submit their hall applications via iHostel system. The provision of hall places for students in their second year and subsequent years of study is based on the hall point system. For more information, please visit the website of the Hall Management Section of our Student Affairs Office.

How does EdUHK help non-local students adapt the life in Hong Kong?

Student Affairs Office will provide an array of services to support to non-local students throughout their course of studies at the University. Through orientation activities, buddy programmes, community exploration activities, festival gatherings, group activities and individual counselling services, students can enhance their understanding of Hong Kong, so that they can adapt to their study and campus life as soon as possible, and integrate into the student community.

The Arthur Samy Language Learning Centre (ASLLC) provides students with a number of self-study software for learning Cantonese. The Centre will also offer Cantonese courses at the beginning of the semester so that students who are interested can apply to learn Cantonese.

Can I take up part-time employment in Hong Kong?

Non-local students (excluding exchange students) of EdUHK full-time locally-accredited local programmes at undergraduate level or above whose study period is not less than one academic year may, during the currency of their limit of stay, take up:

  1. part-time on-campus employment for not more than 20 hours per week throughout the year; and
  2. eligible students may only take up summer employment during the summer months which are taken to mean the period from 1 June to 31 August, both dates inclusive. Eligible students are not allowed to take up summer employment outside this period, regardless of the actual period of summer vacation for his/her academic programme. There is, however, no limit in relation to working hours and locations.

For detailed information, please refer to the website of the Immigration Department of The Government of the HKSAR for the Immigration Policy on Study.

Am I required to make my own arrangement for personal insurance covering the entire course of study in EdUHK?

The Education University of Hong Kong provides its students with the University’s group insurance. For details, please refer to the policy here. (Login with the EdUHK student ID and password is required.)

Students should make their own arrangements for personal accident, travel and health insurance covering the entire period of study in Hong Kong.

How is the prospect of EdUHK graduates?

Graduates of The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) remain consistently competitive, as revealed by the University’s latest Graduate Employment Survey. For details, please refer to the University’s latest Graduate Employment Survey.

Can I stay in Hong Kong for work after graduation?

Non-local fresh graduates are allowed to stay in Hong Kong for 12 months after graduation without any restrictions to seek jobs. To learn more, please refer to the website of the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

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