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Accommodation & Cost of living

Accommodation & Cost of living


EdUHK has four on-campus residential hostels offering two types of living quarters, exchange students are guaranteed a place in these hostels. Students can opt to stay in a twin or triple-share room in one of the student residential halls or a 9-person or 12-person apartment in the Jockey Club Student Quarters. Please refer to the table below for facilities in these student quarters:


Room Type

Cost per semester

Facilities Inside the Study-Bedroom
Northcote Hall Twin/Triple Bedroom

HK$ 5,480 - 7,690 (Twin Bedroom)

HK$3,830 – 5,380 (Triple Bedroom)

Activity rooms, laundry rooms, bathroom/toilets,   pantries with refrigerators, stoves and microwaves, etc. Computer ports, wardrobe and desk.
Grantham Hall
Robert Black Hall
The Jockey Club Student Quarters 9-person or 12-person flat HK$5,480 - 7,690 Double/triple bedrooms inside each flat with sitting/dining areas, terrace, kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms and individual computer ports.

Wi-Fi services are available

Exchange students will need to apply the hostel through the iHostel online system, with details provided to admitted students via email in due course. Hall fees and a one-off Hall Life Education fee must be settled on arrival. While other expenses such as air-conditioning and utilities are charged on actual use.

Estimated Living Fees
(Please note that the housing contract period is only on a semester basis)
HK$5,480 - 7,690 (US$702-985) / Semester
Hall Life Education Fee HK$220 (US$28)
Meals* HK$3,000 - 4,000 (US$385 - 513) / Month
Local Transportation* HK$500- 800 (US$64 - 103) / Month 
Books and Supplies* HK$500(US$64) / Month
Visa Application and Administration Fee HK$530 (US$67)
Caution Money (if necessary) HK$500 (US$64)
Others Various activities are organised by GAO and SAO for helping non-local students to integrate the campus life and understand the culture and social development of Hong Kong. Students can opt to join and cost are charged on some of the activities.

* Depend on individual lifestyle

Caution Money

All students are required to sign a credit card payment authorisation form for HK$500 (US$64) to cover any additional expenses incurred, such as library fines or hostel damage repairs.  Charges will only be made if bills remain unpaid after the student has left EdUHK. Students will be notified of the amount by email before the transaction, and the authorisation form will be destroyed after the transaction is cleared. EdUHK may withhold a student’s transcript until any outstanding payments are settled.