Top 10 of Asia University World Rankings | The Education University of Hong Kong

Top 10 of Asia University World Rankings. The Education University of Hong Kong ranked 2nd in Asia in Education (QS World University Rankings in Education 2018). EdUHK is dedicated to the advancement of teaching and learning in the region.

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EdUHK among Top Universities in Asia and in the World

It comes as no surprise that The Education University of Hong Kong has a university ranking that hails it as the top university in Asia and among the top universities in the world. The educational system implemented is topnotch.

World-class Educational Systems to Top University Ranking

Being one of the top ranking universities in the world and the top university in Asia, the Education University in Hong Kong has proven to carry out their responsibilities as leaders in educating the future of Hong Kong. The University’s commitment to policy discourse has allowed them to achieve more than what was expected of them in terms of shaping both the regional and the global agendas on education together with social progress.

To further their commitment to shaping the world of education, they have delved deeper into their studies on creating environments that are conducive for research and the facilitation of multidisciplinary education. The university is guided by principles that emphasize a vision that is geared toward a system that is Education-plus centered.

How the University Achieves Top Level Status in Asia and in the World

The university owes its title as the top university in Asia to two things that they have done well to keep in mind in all proceedings they encounter. These two essential things to success are as follows:

· Fortified foundations in traditional academic education by teachers, and

· Offerings that deal with creativity and culture that cultivate the Humanities and studies on Social Sciences

By emphasizing the importance of the role of teachers and the passing of knowledge on the Humanities, the Education University of Hong Kong has maintained its university ranking among some of the top universities in the world. Furthermore, the university seeks to build a growing community of learners that are passionate about education and highly respectable scholars. The university works toward a goal that sees their students and graduates flourishing in environments of learning and teaching.

Teachers are a Priority at EdUHK

The university ranking of The Education University of Hong Kong is impossible to maintain without the constant leveling up of the teachers and professors responsible for the world-class performance of their students. To remain as the top university in Asia, EdUHK must not only retain the level of quality that their teachers and professors provide but they must constantly and consistently improve and upgrade them.

The university is relentless in its efforts to both promote and provide support for the lifelong learning endeavors of their teaching personnel. EdUHK sees to it that the teaching staff receives education for strategic development that will enable them to deliver what is required of them to retain their position among the top universities both in Hong Kong and in the world.

It is without a doubt that teachers and professors are able to do more and give more for and to their students when they are taken care of by the institution. The university fulfills this duty by encouraging and implementing systems to ensure the continuous growth of their teaching staff which will eventually pay off in the form of educational innovation.

Lifelong Learning for Teachers

Both teaching and research skills and capabilities are heightened when teachers and professors alike are able to benefit from programs that improve their existing skillset. This, in turn, results to students and graduates bringing pride to their alma mater for years and generations to come and pass.

Teachers and professors are what take the university to heights it has never seen before and it is more than rightful to ensure their continual growth in their profession.