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Hong Kong Studies – Master and PhD in Education University

The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) offers studies for master’s degree seekers. The university in Hong Kong also offers PhD studies for those who wish to further their education in their chosen fields and careers.

Earn Your Higher Education Degrees from Asia’s Top University

For those searching for Hong Kong studies to gain master’s degrees, the best path to take is the one that leads to Asia’s top university for teacher education. The Education University of Hong Kong is known among the best universities in the world for providing education to aspiring students that want to become teaching professionals. The internationally acclaimed university in Hong Kong also offers PhD studies.

Further studies at The Education University of Hong Kong are classified into two. The two classifications are based on the means by which the Hong Kong studies master degree or the PhD at EdU Hong Kong is earned. The classification are as follows:

Research Postgraduate Programs

Taught Postgraduate Programs

Postgraduate students are free to choose which of the programs will best suit their needs. The Education University of Hong Kong master studies and degrees and the PhD earned in Hong Kong at the university are deemed with high esteem in both local and international institutions.

Scholarship Opportunities Available for Teachers at EdUHK

Being a teaching professional is noble. Teachers and professors alike are revered all over the world because they bring the gift of education with them and wholeheartedly impart that gift to every person they encounter. Teaching professionals are considered gifts that keep on giving. They enable students to reach their true potential by guiding them through their formative years. Teaching professionals are responsible for the academic bringing up of the children of today who will become the leaders of tomorrow.

Master’s studies in Hong Kong’s top teacher education university is now attainable even to those who believe that the opportunity can only remain an aspiration. The Education University of Hong Kong has created a department of people that are dedicated to providing teachers with scholarships at the Hong Kong campus to take up master’s studies.

The Committee on Professional Development of Teachers and Principals was established in 2013, just five years ago is tasked with the duty to ensure that teachers in Hong Kong seeking master’s studies have the chance to take them up and earn them in no less than The Education University of Hong Kong.

The department, better known as COTAP, works towards the continual development of teaching professionals in Hong Kong by offering studies to earn master’s degrees by means of providing scholarships.

Prioritizing Teacher Development at EdUHK

The Education University of Hong Kong continues to work on improving the quality of teachers that graduate from their programs. This is seen in its commitment to maintain high standards and to pursue progressive means of continuous improvement of the learning experiences for the Hong Kong PhD students.

The university acknowledges the achievements of PhD students at the Hong Kong campus and takes pride in the glory brought on by their success. This has encouraged the university to enhance the Hong Kong campus PhD programs[Not understand semantically] to successfully train each PhD student to become the leader in their chosen careers and industries.

The Education University of Hong Kong strives to produce the best teaching professionals in the world and has thus continued to provide only the best Hong Kong master’s studies graduates and have been responsible for world-class Hong Kong PhD graduates. To begin your journey to higher education at EdUHK, download the online application forms from the university’s official website.