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Apart from teaching jobs, EdUHK graduates pursue diversified career paths as a teacher in education, business services, creative arts or design, among others. Get their employment statistics and student enrollment figures online.

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Education and Teaching Jobs are in Demand Globally

The demand for education jobs to be filled is at an all time high. This is also true for teacher jobs across the globe. Educational institutions all over the world are looking to hire new graduates to fill vacant positions.

Local and International Vacancies for Education Professionals

Education jobs in countries all over the world are in high need of being filled. Teacher jobs are also vacant and educational institutions are hoping to fill these positions soon. The need for teaching professionals has seen a steady growth along with the increase in the accessibility to education that people in far flung areas have been given in the past years.

Many private and public organizations have worked tirelessly to bring education to more people. These efforts have also brought truly passionate teachers and educational professionals away from the cities and into the areas of greater need. This has resulted into vacancies in both teaching jobs and educational teaching jobs both in Hong Kong and all over the world. All of this is a testament to how far education has come, and that the hunger for learning continues to grow across populations.

The Education University of Hong Kong aims to nurture students and graduates that are more than prepared to take on the duties of furthering education for both the people of Hong Kong and to everyone in the world, also to provide professional trainings for their teaching jobs in the near future. Education jobs are available for students that are under the education courses of the university.

Going Further with Your Education Degree

Becoming an educational professional does not only mean that you are given the chance to earn a living. It also means that you are instrumental to shaping the youth that will soon lead in industries and even countries. Earning your degree from The Education University of Hong Kong will do more than just prepare you to get hired for teacher jobs. Education jobs and offers will come pouring in as EdUHK graduates of education courses are held at high esteem.

Both students and graduates of EdUHK education programs are known to be produce quality results. This means that anyone associated with The Education University of Hong Kong is immediately understood to have the following characteristics:

· Highly proficient in one’s chosen discipline of study

· Compassionate to others and is committed to serving one’s community

Graduating from EdUHK will facilitate graduates to apply for teacher jobs as each of the EdUHK graduates will have been properly trained to take on education jobs locally. The standards at which the university operates on is known worldwide to be of high quality.

Gaining Recognition as a Teaching Professional

Teacher jobs and education jobs are not far and few. In fact, the world is in greater need than ever to hire more teachers to be deployed in various countries across the globe. But, gaining recognition as a teaching professional comes as a part of being an EdUHK alumnus.

It is known to the world that The Education University of Hong Kong is one of the top universities in Asia for teacher studies and is among the world’s best universities. To have the credibility of the top university associated with one’s name indicates that one is truly a cut above the rest.

Graduates of education courses from EdUHK receive compensation packages that are reflections of the quality of education that the graduate’s received in their formation years. Working as a teaching professional in teaching jobs and education jobs for EdUHK graduates come with an understanding of the potential and promise that each graduate brings, opening up limitless opportunities in an education career.