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Want to study at an education university in Hong Kong. EdUHK is the only institution which focuses on professional teacher education through academic and research programmes in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong universities

Study in Hong Kong Universities for World Class Education

Coming to study in Hong Kong for unique Hong Kong education in a university is something that Hong Kong universities and administrators encourage highly to interested foreign student applicants from all over the world.

About Hong Kong Education University

The Hong Kong education university invites students across the globe to study in Hong Kong to experience what universities education is like in Hong Kong universities. One such university is The Education University of Hong Kong also known as EdUHK. The university is a tertiary institution that is funded publicly.

The university is committed to encouraging and supporting the advancement of both teaching and learning alike. The university achieves this by offering their students and aspiring applicants a wide range of courses to choose from. They are leaders in their offerings regarding education for teachers and professors and they are at the forefront of the crusade to promote the studying of the Humanities together with the Social Sciences.

Hong Kong Universities Produce World-class Social Leaders

The Hong Kong Education University is relentless in its pursuit to produce social leaders. Each social leader will go through universities education to have the following qualities:

· Intellectually involved

· Socially responsible, and

· Globally informed

With the study in Hong Kong campaign by Hong Kong universities, more leaders from all the different countries of the world can become what EdUHK aspires the youth of today can become for the future. Through this carefully thought out programme and educational system, The Education University Hong Kong is able to harness the maximum potential of its students and graduates to create a better future for everyone.

Research Studies at the Forefront of Universities Education in Hong Kong

Furthermore, the Hong Kong education university is geared towards emphasising the importance of being highly skilled in the field of research. With research as the cornerstone and foundation of true progress, much importance is given to it by the university, passing it on to its students.

The advancement of knowledge is of utmost importance to EdUHK. It is important to note that if you study in Hong Kong you will gain access to universities education in the best Hong Kong universities which will result in the elevation of your skills in research. This is of great benefit to the youth of today as many of the events in our world today have never been seen before and many phenomena are yet to be understood by scientists and researchers.

The emphasis on innovation cannot be stressed enough as it comes hand in hand with creating a truly sustainable impact on the pursuit of improving the lives of human beings. If you study in Hong Kong for your universities education, you will be trained to facilitate and maintain lasting impactful work that will benefit mankind. The Hong Kong education university provides its students and its graduates the platform to make their own marks in the world of education, allowing them to constantly redefine it and shape it into what will become the best educational system for generations to come.

Hong Kong universities across the country share the same vision and collectively work towards a future where the educational system is consistently being upgraded and improved to serve and fulfill its purpose to prepare the youth of Hong Kong to become leaders of their generation.

Hong Kong Education University Promotes Lifelong Learning

The EdUHK goes even further by assuring that their teaching staff is always of world-class standards so as to truly create the leaders of tomorrow.