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Hong Kong university offers Master of Education degree

As one of the top universities for teacher education in Asia, The Education University of Hong Kong, offers its students an opportunity to pursue a master degree right in Hong Kong. One such example is the Master of Education degree.

Pursue a Teaching Career and Learn from the Top University

The Education University of Hong Kong is known as one of the leading providers for teacher education in Asia and the top Hong Kong university for master degree studies. It comes as no surprise that the educational institution offers the best master degree courses in Hong Kong. The Master of Education title is one that the university awards its graduates who have completed their pursuit of higher education.

The Hong Kong university is known to produce only the best teaching professionals in Asia and on an international scale. It would be a privilege to earn one’s Master of Education title from the prestigious university which is known to rank among the world’s best universities when it comes to providing teacher education. Master degree courses in Hong Kong are not far and few and in fact, one would have many choices to select from. But, an education from EdUHK is nothing like what any other Hong Kong university can offer.

What makes this Hong Kong university so different?

The Education University of Hong Kong is truly a cut above the rest due to the fact that the university trains and produces quality students that proceed to become teaching professionals. This top Hong Kong university offers master degree studies that operate on world class standards. The Hong Kong university is unique in its methods of building up and molding students to become leaders in the teaching and education world. The university upholds standards that will soon catapult it into the top spot in the world for teacher education.

To prove true to their mission of providing an education unlike any other, the Hong Kong university promotes the building up of future educators that are of professional excellence, ethical responsibility, and innovation. To have a Master of Education title from The Education University of Hong Kong means that as a teaching professional, you know what it means to do your job with both your head and your heart.

Having compassion for one’s students will enable any teachers to create a lasting impact in any student’s life is the firm belief of this Hong Kong university, which it teaches even in master degree courses. This impact may result into a positive student and teacher relationship where the student is motivated to learn because of the compassion shown by the teacher with regard to one’s learning struggles. When a student is unable to catch up to the pace of the rest of the class, the student may lose interest and fail to strive to succeed. Graduating with a master degree from this famed Hong Kong university will train you to become a successful and compassionate teaching professional or educator.

Earning a Master of Education degree at EdUHK

The Education University of Hong Kong has courses in higher education to cater to postgraduate students. This Hong Kong university’s postgraduate courses are divided into two categories, namely:

Research Postgraduate Programs, and

Taught Postgraduate Programs

The two courses of study available under the Research Postgraduate Programs are the Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy. Each of these courses of study have recently opened the call for submissions for the upcoming academic year.

Master of Education and Doctor of Education courses of study are offered under the Taught Postgraduate Programmes cluster of this exemplary Hong Kong university for master degree studies.

The applications for the postgraduate studies programs will only be accepted through The Education University of Hong Kong’s official website.