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EdUHK provides professional training for the care of SEN (Special Educational Needs) students. At EdUHK, we believe that teachers shall be equipped with better understanding towards students' growth and learning needs.

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Earn a Psychology Degree from Top Asian University

Learn from one of Asia’s top universities, The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK), and earn a Psychology degree to fulfill your career aspirations. EdUHK is undoubtedly among the world’s best universities today.

The Psychology Department of EdUHK

Despite its youthfulness, The Education University of Hong Kong’s Department of Psychological Studies has proven that it is on par with the veteran academic institutions of its kind. It has been recognized to be a truly progressive establishment that sustains a vigorous pace towards global recognition.

Since then, the department has been renamed and is now known as the Department of Psychology, due to a change made in November of 2016. The department currently has full-time staff of 36 personnel. Each of the members of this teaching staff are recognized researchers in their respective fields of study. Furthermore, the credentials of each of the faculty members are diverse and greatly contribute to the wide array of disciplines of study that the university offers.

Specialized study fields of members at the EdUHK’s Department of Psychology are:

· Psychometrics and assessment

· Child and adolescent Psychology

· Cognitive Psychology

· Neuroscience

· Educational Psychology

· Healthy Psychology, and

· Social and Cross-cultural Psychology

The Psychology degree students of EdUHK are trained and educated on the highest of educational standards that are set to prepare them to face the demands of both local and global institutions.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Psychology Degrees and Offerings

EdUHK offers its students the opportunity and the avenue to further proceed with their studies in psychology. Psychology degrees are offered on both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The offerings on the postgraduate level are further classified into two categories, namely the Taught and Research programmes.

EdUHK Psychology Degrees Areas of Study

There are four areas of study which the Department of Psychology at EdUHK offers:

· Educational and Developmental Psychology

· Cognitive Psychology

· Health and Clinical Psychology, and

· Social and Cultural Psychology

Through these four disciplines of study, the university strives to nurture students and graduates that are prepared to become the leaders in their chosen career paths as psychologists. These areas of study focus on high quality research guided by the highly credible teaching staff. This also means that the students and graduates are exposed to the various fields of Psychology that the Psychology degree in EdUHK offers.

The faculty members of the Department of Psychology at EdUHK have received international recognition for their academic achievements.

Focusing on the Psychology behind Student Learning

The Department of Psychology at EdUHK has been giving much attention and emphasis on the study of the psychology related to student learning and student motivation. The results of the study will be of invaluable use to educational institutions across Hong Kong and beyond.

Its youthful research team opens up new research frontiers which earns them an array of international awards including Fulbright Scholar Award, Applied Psychological Association awards and more. Students are given the chance to work hand in hand with top notch scholars. Theories are not only learnt but put into practice.

Earning your Psychology degree from EdUHK will give you access to the heart of this highly relevant study and it affords its students once in a lifetime opportunity to be contributors to the study. EdUHK, although new to the world of educational Psychology, has proven to be the smart choice in which to earn a Psychology degree.