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EdUHK offers a wide range of scholarships for international students to encourage their pursuit of academic excellence. Rewards come in forms of renewable full scholarship, tuition (full/half) scholarship and others.

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Scholarships for International Students Available at EdUHK

The Education University of Hong Kong is offering scholarships for international students from all over the world. The invitation to study in the HKSAR is extended to students who want to have world-class education.

The Importance of Scholarships in Furthering Education

The commitment to furthering education is no better proven than through the offering of scholarships for international students. By inviting and accepting students from all over the world and by granting these students scholarships, not only do the international students benefit from it. The local students are also able to learn from their international schoolmates as well. Many very valuable lessons can be learned from the scholarship programs for international students.

Scholarships for international students are made possible by the generous and ever fervent support of organizations and institutions that believe in the potential and promise that international students bring to the HKSAR. The contribution of these private establishments have been invaluable in the university’s pursuit of providing excellent academic systems to their students. The scholarships for international students also promote the importance of recognizing the students’ best academic efforts.

Everyone has a right to education but these days, a good education may cost more than one can afford. But, through the exceptional amount of support from both private institutions and individuals, the truly gifted and advanced international students who have claimed academic recognition are able to gain access to the topnotch university studies at The Education University of Hong Kong. The benevolent donors look for more than academic achievements.

They also look for the following in each of the scholarship applicants:

Academic merit;

Personal qualities and characteristics; and

Commitment to serving one’s own community, among others

Types of Scholarships for International Students

The Education University of Hong Kong offers quite a number of scholarships for international students to apply for, each with varying values of financial support, and duration of financial support to be granted. The interviewing and deciding bodies also differ and so provide each aspiring foreign applicant more chances of being granted a scholarship.

It is important to note that academic achievements are not the sole determinant for being granted a scholarship. It is just as essential to create a profile that includes a good record for non-academic achievements. The scholarship-granting bodies also look into an applicant’s commitment to being of impactful service to one’s own community and how one intends to use the education at the EdUHK to further develop their community. A quality personality also bears much importance as the interview process will also be taken into consideration when deliberating over the applicants for the limited number of scholarships for international students to be granted for each academic year.

Scholarships Available for Foreign Applicants

The Education University of Hong Kong offers full entrance scholarships for international students amounting to HK$185,000 yearly with the inclusion of miscellaneous fees. The full entrance scholarship is also granted, depending on other factors, at about HK$140,000 yearly for a Tuition Fee only scholarship. Finally, a half-tuition scholarship is also granted, depending on certain financial factors, at HK$60,000 yearly for (2017-18 academic year). Each of these programs are renewable and open for deliberation on a yearly basis.

Other scholarships for international students include offerings from the Li Ka Shing Foundation, Wilfred Ng and Self-financing Post-Secondary Education Fund.

Furthermore, undergraduate scholarships are also offered for international students to apply for. Grants include more specialized offerings for aspiring English teachers, and students who are looking into taking up studies in Physical Education.