While outside the campus, users can have remote access to a number of network services. With Internet connection, it does not only allow you to surf the web, you can also access your campus emails at home and transfer files between your home PC and the network drives (N: drive or S: drive) easily. If you have a UNIX account, you can also use telnet software to connect to the corresponding UNIX servers (sun.eduhk.hk for staff or moon.eduhk.hk for students).

For staff, other than using Webmail or Windows Live Mail at home, they may also use MS Outlook for accessing their emails.

Accessing Email Outside Campus

A simple way to get access to your emails outside the campus is to use our Webmail service (http://webmail.eduhk.hk). All you need is a PC connected to the Internet and a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer). It requires no special setup and you can check your emails easily at home, in Cybercafe, at conference meeting, overseas, etc. Staff may also use MS Outlook for accessing emails.

Our mail servers also allow users to access their emails using IMAP compatible software. For example, "Windows Live Mail" can be used for this purpose but it requires users to do some setup (see Using Windows Live Mail for the details).

For more information about our email services, please refer to the document on Email Services for Staff or Email Services for Students.

Accessing Network Drives Outside Campus

Users can access the network drives (e.g. the personal network N: drive or the S: drive for sharing among staff in the same department) even if they are not in the campus. All you need is a VPN connected PC. When a VPN connection is made, you may use SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) software, e.g. WinSCP, to get access to the network drive.

Accessing Network Drives using WinSCP

WinSCP can be used to transfer files between your home PC and the network drive in the campus network. Here it is assumed that you have some knowledge about WinSCP and we will provide the following information and sample screen for making a connection to a network drive.

Default profile and screen for making connection to a network drive

Host Name/Address

Enter msftp.eduhk.hk (for accessing the N: or S: drive)

Server Type

Select SFTP - Secure File Transfer Protocol.

After clicking Login button and connected successfully, you will prompt for your network account username and password. Then you will get a window similar to the following one and you can then start transferring files between your home PC (Local System) and the network drive (Remote Site).

Transferring files screen

For Apple Mac

There are various open source FTP/SFTP client for Mac OS X like Cyberduck.

Using Outlook at Home/Quarters

Staff can use Outlook at home/quarters as secure as in the office by setting a Outlook profile. For details, please refer to Microsoft Outlook Profile.