EdUHK alumni email service

To facilitate students staying connected after graduation, alumni email service ( is provided upon registration. The University partners with Microsoft M365 and provides alumni users with a range of Microsoft features and email service. (Please note that the service provider has the right to amend the terms of service.)

Updated in mid-Dec 2023: With Microsoft’s new storage policy, current alumni users of Microsoft accounts will be subject to a new maximum storage limit of 100GB on OneDrive, effective from 1 Feb 2024. New applicants of Microsoft alumni accounts will be given a maximum of 100GB storage on OneDrive.

Note:  1. Accounts ( for those who graduate after 1 Jan 2022 will be kept for 1 year.

           2. All alumni Google accounts created for graduates before 1 Jan 2022 were terminated on 20 Jun 2022.


Please visit to apply for an account on Microsoft M365 with a mailbox ( (Kindly note that the service provider has the right to amend the terms of service.)

User needs to install Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to tighten security during login to major or sensitive systems. To login your new alumni email service, MFA is required for login. For the installation of MFA, please refer to


Q1. How can I register for an alumni account on Microsoft O365?

A1. Please visit the registration page. It normally takes 1 working day to process your registration and you will be notified by email when the account is ready. 

Q2. How can I reset my password of the alumni account on Microsoft O365?

A2. Please visit Alumni Forgot Password and reset your password online.

Q3. How can I Change Password/Update Personal Email of the alumni account on Microsoft O365?

A3. Please visit Alumni Self-Service Portal.


The Microsoft M365 services for alumni are provided with Microsoft's free offering to alumni and the service is subject to changes as per Microsoft.