In-House Templates, Clip-arts and Office Tools

Every now and then our colleagues have to prepare documents of various kinds. Managers might need to communicate with government agencies in writing. Committee secretaries might need to prepare agendas, minutes and terms of reference from time to time. Colleagues might need to prepare papers, reports or proposals of various types.

To facilitate our colleagues to take advantage of the Microsoft Office software to prepare documents and to assist colleagues to follow the Institute norm, OCIO has prepared a set of Word and PowerPoint templates. Using standard templates to prepare documents can save you a lot of hassles in formatting and give a corporate look and feel.

These templates might not address all the needs. However, if you use the customized styles embedded in the templates in Microsoft Word, it will save you a lot of time to format your document. Simply use the standard styles such as "Normal", "Title", "Heading 1" and "Heading 2" and select the right STYLE SET from the list, all the formatting will be completed automatically according to the selected style set.

The following are the Word and PowerPoint templates we have prepared:

Name of the WORD Template Description
EdUHK - Agenda.dotx EdUHK Style Agenda
EdUHK - DL Envelop.dotx EdUHK Style Envelope
EdUHK - Fax.dotx EdUHK Fax Cover
EdUHK - Member List.dotx EdUHK Style Committee Member List
EdUHK - Memo.dotx EdUHK Style Memo
EdUHK - Minutes.dotx EdUHK Style Meeting Minutes
EdUHK - Terms of Reference.dotx EdUHK Style Committee Terms of Reference
EdUHK AB Style Paper.dotx EdUHK Academic Board Style Paper
EdUHK Default.dotx EdUHK Style Paper
HKSAR Gov Style Letter.dotx HKSAR Government Style Letter
HKSAR Gov Style.dotx HKSAR Government Style Paper

Using the In-House Templates

Microsoft Office is very user-friendly with the RIBBON graphical user interface. We highly recommend colleagues to use the templates in MS Office. The templates are available in all office PCs. You just "New" a document in Microsoft WORD or POWERPOINT and select the desired template as shown in the above table (e.g. Personal -> EdUHK Templates or My Templates -> EdUHK Templates). If users want to use it at their home PC or notebook, they have to install it to the PC or notebook with Office 2016/2013/2010. You could download the templates installer .

For Office 2016/2013:

The steps of templates install in office 2016/2013

If you cannot found the "Personal" option in step 2, you can re-install the EdUHK templates from "Network Application (NA) -> Install EdUHK Office Templates".

For Office 2010:

The steps of templates install in office 2010


We also have EdUHK Logo in vector form (WMF format) which you could insert in your Powerpoint, Documents or Posters without losing the details.

Import HKSAR Public Holiday to Outlook's calendar

Most of our users use Outlook to keep their appointment. OCIO has prepared a holiday file that you could download and import the current year's public holidays in one go. Please note that you should only import once per PC or repeated import will generate duplicate entries in your Outlook calendar.

*Please right click the link and choose "save link as". For IE8, please rename the file extension to .hol

Document Scanning

Users can make backup copies electronically of important documents using Document Scanning method. With the help of the Multi-Functional Printer (MFP) available in your office, you can scan your documents into electronic files easily with the following options:

  • Scan to Email (document size will be limited by the email message size)
  • Scan to PC (SMB). Please refer to the Scan-to-PC for detailed procedures.

Note: Users should observe the Copyright Ordinance when you scan your documents. You are fully responsible for legal consequences arising from any infringement of copyright laws.