With the advancement of technology day by day, OCIO is committed to bringing users the latest tools for learning and teaching, research as well as administrative purposes. Below are some of the new tools we have introduced recently.


  • Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) New item
  • Catchbox


    Interactive Flat Panel (IFP)

    Interactive Flat Panel (IFP)

    The Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) is a 4K large display panel that is also a built-in whiteboard with touchscreen and wireless connection. The IFP provides screen mirroring for both iOS and Android devices. It also supports both HDMI and USB input for notebooks, Blu-Ray Players and external storage.

  • Features:

    • A built-in Android™ operating system that has packed apps such as a document reader, web browser and media player.
    • With the "EZWrite" digital blackboard annotation app, you can:
      • directly open a wide range of files, including image files, for convenient annotations without the need for external PCs;
      • save annotations as .pdf or .png files and share them as review materials through a USB drive; and
      • launch a wide range of useful teaching tools, including calculator, geometry, and team post to facilitate truly interactive lectures.
    • Provides convenient pen tray and 20-point touch capabilities with fast, smooth response that allows multiple users to participate simultaneously. You can use your fingers or stylus pens to manipulate the panel.
    • Support screen mirroring from any Apple or Android device wirelessly.
    • Equipped with a Win 10 PC for running Windows-based applications.
    • HDMI port for other sources such as laptops, Blu-Ray players, video camcorders and etc.
    • The IFP is hosted on a trolley that is movable to fit into most classroom layouts, ideal for small classrooms.


    How to reserve an IFP?

    An IFP is made available at Shu Wah Computer Centre at C-LP-02. For use at other venues, colleagues can reserve the IFP on a movable trolley on Tai Po campus by completing the Classroom Service Request Form Form (F017).

    Note: In light of the bulkiness and heavy weight of the IFP and the trolley, colleagues are reminded to be careful and cautious when moving the equipment.

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    Catchbox - Throwable Microphone


    Catchbox is a throwable microphone that facilitates the sharing of ideas in various occasions in a fun and effective way.

    Catchbox can/is:

    • Draw participation from the audience easily - just throw them the box;
    • Faster and more efficient than passing a handheld microphone;
    • Make questions, comments, and discussions more spontaneous;
    • Make events more engaging and fun;
    • Break the ice and lighten the atmosphere; and
    • more...



    • Light & Soft - All the electronic components are hidden inside, so that dropping and throwing the device would not cause any damage to the surroundings, or do any harm to the participants.
    • Active Automute - It senses the motion of the Catchbox and temporarily switches off the audio when the device is thrown, caught or dropped.
    • Professional Sound Quality - It comes with an optimised frequency response microphone for speech and noise cancellation.
    Catchbox usage


    How to reserve the Catchbox?

    Colleagues can reserve a Catchbox by completing the OCIO online Form - F017.




    Please feel free to contact us should you have any suggestion of education technology tools at helpdesk@ocio.eduhk.hk.