Unified Communication and Collaboration System


About the UC&C System

The Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) System provides not only traditional telephone services on a desk phone, but also new features to enhance communication and collaboration. In addition to the basic telephone functions, colleagues can set up call forwarding and manage their personal contact list on their PCs as well as mobile devices with the softphone client. The UC&C system also incorporates instant messaging, and point-to-point audio and video call functions.

Deployment of the UC&C system 

Considering the scale of the project, deployment of the UC&C system will be conducted in phases.

Phase I:  Starting from June 2021, colleagues will have their desk phones replaced with the new Avaya desk phones. OCIO will contact departments one by one on the relevant arrangements. To familiarise colleagues with the usage of the system, briefings will be arranged. For enrolment, please visit the enrolment form.

During the transition when both old and new phone systems run side-by-side, caller's name could not be displayed between systems. Instead, the extension of the caller with a prefix of "TP" or "TKO" will be shown (e.g. TP6601, TKO8581)

Other phases with more functions such as the softphone client, Avaya Workplace, for PCs and mobile devices will be launched in due course.

Desk Phone

IP Phone picture

The new Avaya desk phone with colour display supports the following features:

  • Handsfree and speaker modes (full duplex)
  • Call transfer, call on hold, call forward, call pickup, call hunting, conference call, etc.
  • Do Not Disturb (DND) function
  • Recent call history - list of incoming, outgoing and missed calls
  • Caller ID - incoming caller number/name 
  • Corporate contact list and personal contact list
  • Visual voicemail to view the list of messages and select the action needed 
  • Visual alerts for incoming calls and voicemails
  • Voicemail-to-email forwarding function

Video: Using Avaya J179. (If you cannot view the video, please click here to open the video.

Softphone client- Avaya Workplace 

The UC&C system comes with a softphone client called Avaya Workplace. With Avaya Workplace, users can access the UC&C system via their mobile devices (e.g. mobile phones, laptop, etc.) anywhere anytime.

Avaya Workplace allows users to:

  • Use basic telephone functions with the office phone number
  • Make point-to-point audio and video calls
  • Listen to and manage voicemail messages
  • Make and join audio conference calls
  • Access call history
  • Send point-to-point text messages
  • Set up call forwarding
  • Set up DND
  • Manage personal contacts


Users need different passwords for the followings:

  1. To access voicemails: A password is needed to access voicemail messages on the desk phone or via the softphone client. Colleagues will be given the initial password which should be changed as soon as possible on the desk phone.
  2. To access the softphone client: Colleagues can log in Avaya Workplace with their Office 365 account and password. 


International Calls (IDD)

In order to make international calls, please refer to the following procedures and dial format. (Note: Your departmental IDD telephone account will be charged for any international call placed. Only authorised persons with the departmental passcode can use the service.)

+ + + + + +


+ are the required numbers for call transfer in the UC&C system.

are listed on Directory of International Telephone Numbers or Country Code List.

is an 8-digit departmental passcode for outgoing international calls. Please contact your Departmental Computer Coordinator (DCC) or the general office of your department for the code.

Below is an example of a phone number “12345678” in Singapore (Country code: 65).

e.g. 900606512345678#23456789#

User Guides

  1. Avaya Quick User Guide
  2. Avaya Contacts List Guide
  3. Avaya Voicemail Quick User Guide
  4. Avaya J179 Official Manual